Trafficking Prevention Trainer - Multiple Countries

Multiple Countries

Trafficking Prevention Trainer - Multiple Countries


This role involves conducting HOPE61 training and follow-up so that local believers are equipped to engage vulnerable people in their communities and reduce their vulnerability to becoming involved in trafficking. HOPE61 focuses on preventing trafficking through culturally-appropriate methods of intentional evangelism and continuing discipleship. HOPE61 trainers work alongside local church denominations and other partners around the world. 


  • Visit assigned ministry field two to four times per year to accomplish the assigned responsibilities
  • Maintain an ongoing, open relationship through regular communication such as video conferencing, phone calls, and e-mails
  • Consult with the HOPE61 leadership to develop and deliver appropriate, contextualized HOPE61 training
  • Ensure that the HOPE61 local church team is supported in prayer, encouraged, and has a fulfilling accountability relationship for their personal discipleship and family life
  • Communicate the HOPE61 vision for human trafficking prevention
  • Contribute to the development, strengthening, and unity of the partnership between the local church and One Mission Society
  • Provide timely reports of ministry stories and testimonies to the HOPE61 Director
  • Consult with HOPE61 leadership to review annual team and one-time budget requests


  • College degree (Preferably a degree in Bible or other ministry fields)
  • 3-5 years experience (preferably in a pastoral or ministry setting)
  • Experience and acumen in public speaking
  • Ability to connect with local pastors and church leaders with cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Passion for human trafficking prevention and awareness
  • Ability to withstand extended periods of international travel
*Opportunities include countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. This role does not require relocating but involves traveling 1-4 times per year to conduct trainings and follow up.

This is a support-based position that involves raising financial support through ministry partners for salary and other expenses. 
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