Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator- Regional Hub

Colombia, Ecuador

Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator- Regional Hub

The goal of Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator is to run a profitable and sustainable kingdom business with the purpose of impacting people and nations economically and spiritually. These businesses are key to reaching some of the world's least evangelized people but can be used more broadly to support or underwrite national ministries. The Social Entrepreneurship team will support the efforts of the One Mission Society ministry framework of multiplying disciples, churches, leaders and global workers.

  • Assist and coach OMS social entrepreneurship practitioners to run their business in a legal and responsible way that glorifies God, exemplifies Christian character, and ethics throughout. 
  • The business may be used directly for ministry outreach or be used to generate income for local ministries depending on the situation. 
  • Identify contextual opportunities that take into account current business trends, and realities within the country of residence. 
  • Develop business plans/models to effectively launch agreed upon ventures in order to accomplish the present goals of the venture. 
  • Develop methods for evaluating progress and ensure alignment with present goals. 
  • Manage risk/benefits and consult with leadership about major decisions. 
  • Support the larger goals of OMS and assist as able in ministry events/meetings. 

Skills and Education- 

  • Bachelor's degree in business or equivalent experience 
  • Degree or education in missions, ministry or Bible is a plus 
  • Experience in owning or running a business (Required) 
  • Business management experience (Required) 
  • Solid understanding of Business as Missions (BAM) best practices through reading, study and research. 
  • Able to evaluate complex business situations in an international context. 
  • A clear call to the position demonstrated by spiritual gifts, training, experience, and passion.
  • A servant heart that is teachable, flexible, and willing to learn. 
  • Unquestionable integrity, a critical thinker who demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit: courageous, authentic, vulnerable, humble, deeply grounded in the Word of God. 
  • Entrepreneurial- Most BAM enterprises require an entrepreneurial self-motivated personality and accompanying skillset. 
This is a support based position that involves raising financial support through ministry partners for salary and other expenses. 
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