Leadership & Team Development Coordinator - Regional Hub

Multiple Countries

Leadership & Team Development Coordinator - Regional Hub

Developing healthy teams is critical for attracting, retaining, and developing the current and next generation of missionaries. The Regional Team & Leadership Development Coordinator will develop leaders and assist regional leadership to build and strengthen teams within the region that reflect Kingdom values and that achieve their God-given vision.

This role is available in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America-Caribbean Regional Hubs.

  • This position involves the development and maintenance of systems and processes in three areas of focus: 
  • Life purpose/life calling 
    • Facilitating team members in understanding and articulating God’s call in their lives. This is accomplished through assessments, coaching, and creation of team member professional development plans. 
    • Through use of formal and informal assessments, coach team members towards embracing their unique gifting in missional service. This entails helping team members to understand their best-fit roles and functions on their team and field location. 
    • Be sensitive to and supportive of team member’s continued growth and development in the expression of their calling and equipping. 
    • Facilitate team members’ integration of calling and equipping in their respective team assignment.
  • Leadership identification and development 
    • Collaborate with OMS Leadership Development Support Team to support and participate in the organizational leadership initiatives, develop processes and programming to maximize leadership acumen as well as team and organizational functioning. 
    • Creation and maintenance of processes for identifying and developing existing, and future, leaders. This includes, but is not limited to, assessment/testing, coaching, and the creation and use of strategic development plans. 
  • Team Development: The function of this position is focused primarily on facilitating and developing a healthy regional organizational culture. This is accomplished, at least in part, through the following: 
    • The development and delivery of periodic team and region-specific development programming, i.e. periodic retreats/gatherings, training seminars and programs, both virtual and in-person. 
    • Facilitation of team and regional covenants reflecting desired team values and aspirations. 
    • Serve organizational, regional, and team vision and mission statements. 
    • Develop processes, procedures, and learning experiences targeted towards Biblically-based conflict resolution. 
    • When needed, provide as appropriate, conflict coaching and/or conflict mediation services. 
  • Collaboration: Work with regional directors, and field leaders, to integrate the above objectives/functions. 
  • Other duties: To be determined by the regional director and other organizational leaders. 

Skills and Education-

  • Bachelor’s Degree in leadership studies or organizational leadership or equivalent experience. 
  • Master’s or doctoral degree in organizational leadership or its equivalent (preferred) 
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience in facilitating healthy organizational/team environments as well as strong relational principled leadership. 
  • A commitment and ability to identifying the uniqueness of individual team members, helping them to discern their calling. 
  • Ability to bring expertise and experience to resolve conflict using mediation skills, biblical reconciliation principles, and conflict coaching. 
  • Ability to teach leadership, leader/follower relational dynamics, team leadership and relational systems theory, and conflict resolution. 
  • Desire to weave the compassion of Christ into all tasks. 

This is a support based position that involves raising financial support through ministry partners for salary and other expenses. 
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