NewSong Mission Construction Team - USA

United States

NewSong Mission Construction Team - USA

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**OMS Covid Protocol, with adherence to the OMS Covid Protocol you MUST have the Covid vaccine to travel to any OMS field. If that policy is lifted at the end of September, we will still adhere to the Ecuador government restrictions.  The Ecuadorian protocols can change at any time and we can keep you updated on those as you would want to recruit. Right now you need to either have the Covid vaccination card or the Negative Covid test no later than 72 before entry.**

Team Details

October 27-29, 2021
Destination: Freetown, IN

Departing: Indianapolis, IN*
Team Type: Construction Team

Team Leader: ??
Cost: $310 (excluding transportation)
Team Max: 13
Team Number: TBD

*This is where the team leader is departing from, you are welcome to join this team regardless of where you currently live.

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