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Jacob Keehner

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Jacob Keehner

Jacob Keehner will serve alongside several other families in Catania, Sicily.

I'm going as an intern, learning from the missionaries already living there. I will also serve as a team leader, leading a group of fellow interns. These interns will mostly be college-age students, joining us for the summer.

I previously worked as a restaurant manager and a realtor in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. I have had the privilege of working in many different church ministries, including worship leading, developing youth ministries, camp counselor, and School of Kingdom ministry leader and activator to name a few.

I've grown up and lived north of Cincinnati in a town named Oxford my entire life, along with my family. I am incredibly lucky to have a mom (Shawna) and dad (John) that are extremely supportive of this choice to step toward missions. I am so grateful that they have played a huge part in giving me the boldness needed to follow through with this call.

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