Art and Carol Shelton

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Art and Carol Shelton

Missionaries in Japan with One Mission Society for 40 years, Art and Carol Shelton retired in August 1993. They were challenged by great opportunities for witness there and saw encouraging results. During their first term, the Sheltons were assigned to pioneer church work in the Nagoya area. Cooperating with Japanese Christians, they endeavored to establish and strengthen churches planted by the Every Community for Christ door-to-door evangelism teams. When Art and Carol returned to Japan for their second term, they were appointed to Tokyo, where they worked until their retirement. As a professor at Tokyo Biblical Seminary (TBS), Art, with a master of divinity degree from Western Evangelical Seminary, has been involved in the training of Japanese Christians for church leadership. He served at various times as field treasurer and for several years was the field director. As field director, Art was responsible for planning the overall work and strategy of OMS in Japan. He also served on the faculty and board of TBS and many church committees as well as on boards and committees for other interdenominational organizations. Carol, with a Master’s degree in education from Azusa Pacific University, taught classes in Christian education, audio-visuals, and English at TBS. She also taught English and American cooking classes for evangelism in area churches. She was prayer chairman and hostess for the field, accompanied Art on weekend ministries in OMS churches and served on the board of the Christian Academy in Japan. One Mission Society is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission that makes disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional evangelism, planting churches and training national leaders in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. OMS then joins with those churches in global partnerships to reach the rest of the world.

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Art and Carol Shelton
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