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Carolyn Knight

Carolyn received a call to missionary service at age 13. In 1993, she left for East Africa and worked in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda doing pioneer evangelism and church planting. She helped to plant 40 churches and founded 4 pastoral/church planter training institutes. Evangelism is her passion, and Carolyn enjoys giving personal evangelism workshops through the regional ministries of OMS.

After returning to the United States, Carolyn served as the mission’s professor at Wesley College. In 2005, she founded Light in Darkness Ministry. Light in Darkness exists to reach women who are trapped or trafficked in sex industry businesses.  As a frequent church and conference speaker, she recruits and trains Christian women to form outreach teams that go into strip clubs, bringing the light and love of Christ. Light in Darkness Ministry has more than 30 teams working in 7 states.

Carolyn joined OMS in 2011 and serves as the training manager and lead missionary trainer for One Mission Society (OMS). She is the author of In Search of Persons of Peace, a book of extraordinary stories that inspire Christians to share their faith.    

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Carolyn Knight
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