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Valerie Colie

Mark and Valerie Colie have been called to serve God with One Mission Society, working in Haiti and as regional ministry representatives in West Virginia.

In Cap Haitien, Mark assists with maintenance and special projects as needed, and Valerie provides training and mentoring to the kindergarten teachers and aides at Cowman International School. They travel back and forth several times a year, coordinating their trips with those working full time on the field.

In West Virginia, while not caring for their granddaughter, they reach out to churches and church leaders, sharing what One Mission Society is doing and collaborating with those churches in the Great Commission.

Since retirement, both have been convicted to use their work experience to serve the Lord. Mark did several short-term trips to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, working with the Homes for Haiti project and has worked on the building project at Cowman International School and the recent remodeling project at Radio 4VEH.

They have been called to provide support on an interim basis, traveling between Haiti and the United States, where they are active in their local church and community. While anxious to spend time with their first grandchild, God has called them to serve. To be obedient to that call, they divide their time between their work in West Virginia and in Haiti.

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Valerie Colie
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