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Deanna Cathcart

Deanna Cathcart ministers to One Mission Society missionary kids (MKs) worldwide, training and equipping children and parents to live overseas. Her ministry is also one of encouragement, helping MKs to know they are deeply loved by Jesus and the OMS family. She encourages them with gifts and cards with personal notes at various times throughout the year. She also oversees the scholarship program, which grants college scholarships to our OMS USA college students. She is also the point person for a new program concerning child protection.

Before she started ministering to MKs, she served as the international coordinator for Straight to the Heart Abstinence Ministry with One Mission Society for 12 years. She encouraged young people to reach for and attain their goals by living a holy life, pleasing to the Lord, by resisting the lies of the “safe sex” message.

Deanna taught sexual abstinence until marriage in the United States and overseas. She shared with teenagers, parents, single adults, medical personnel, university and seminary students, and church leaders. Deanna also encouraged pastors to stand and fight in this spiritual battle and trained national coworkers to teach and evangelize through this ministry.

OMS initially became involved in teaching abstinence when the people of Mozambique requested help with AIDS education. However, the need for this teaching is so overwhelming in every area of the world, particularly within the church, that Deanna was given permission to develop this ministry worldwide.

Deanna taught in Korea, Taiwan, the South Pacific, Ecuador, Brazil, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Russia, England, Ireland, Canada, and the U.S. She trained others who teach in Colombia, Ecuador, Mauritius, Kenya, and the South Pacific. She also established an AIDS education and prevention program in Nigeria.

The Lord blessed Deanna with a variety of experiences before joining OMS. She worked in Kenya for five years (three as a Peace Corps volunteer), where she was even charged by a rhinoceros and crocodile. She was the director of a homeless shelter, a publications/program coordinator for a local university, and an instructor in international humanitarian law. A graduate of Ball State University, she is a free-lance artist, a Certified Program Planner, and a certified facilitator for Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills.

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Deanna Cathcart
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