Owen and Avalon Brown

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Owen and Avalon Brown

Owen and Avalon Brown have served with One Mission Society since 2003. They were in Ecuador for four years, involved in church planting among the Saraguro people in the Amazon area. Owen was involved in the practical side of setting up guinea pig production units for the communities, teaching literacy skills, and supporting the ministry in many practical and pastoral ways. Avalon helped in financial administration, children’s and women’s ministry, and literacy. 

 They are now the OMS New Zealand executive directors and serve in the following ways:

  • Promotion of OMS ministries.
  • Recruiting, mobilizing, and training missionaries.
  • Administration and financial oversight in the OMS NZ office.
  • Support for NZ OMS missionaries around the world.

 Their passion is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to promote God’s call to mission.

Donations made through this page are to One Mission Society USA, Inc. The receipt you will receive will only be valid in the US. If you wish to make a contribution to this missionary and receive a New Zealand receipt, please donate through One Mission Society New Zealand here.

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Owen and Avalon Brown
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