Regional Representative (Men for Missions) United States

Use your skills to challenge laymen to become involved with Men for Missions through short-term mission involvement. Relate to churches, individuals and local MFM Action Groups (Councils) and help challenge them to Do, Go and Give whatever God asks of them. Look for as many opportunities as possible to share about MFM with anyone who may be interested in serving. Take teams to the fields of OMS and help encourage people in their life-changing journey.

Essential Duties

  • Establish points of contact all across your region
    • Work through laymen within the local churches to help reach more laymen within the church
    • Establish relationships with local church Mission Groups/Pastors
    • Maintain and grow contacts with regular and significant contact
  • Short-Term Opportunities
    • Stay in close contact with the Ministry Team Specialists to know what teams are coming up and what the current status of the team might be
    • Always be ready to share any needed promotional materials with interested people and/or churches
    • Work with the National Director and Ministry Team Specialists to select teams throughout each year that you could lead to the field
    • Help fill your teams with interested people and help fill other teams as requested
  • Speaking Opportunities
    • Always be looking for speaking opportunities at Action Group (Council) meetings, men’s meetings, churches, etc.
    • Track all speaking engagements
  • Recruiting
    • Recruit individuals for short-term teams
    • Recruit men (Associate Staff) willing to help you reach others in your region
    • Recruit men who are good candidates for leading short-term teams
    • Recruit men who might be good candidates for the MFM-US Cabinet
    • Recruit men and their families who are interested in considering long-term service with OMS/MFM
  • Discipleship
    • Work closely with interested individuals to help make more disciples for the Kingdom. Always look to make disciples who will make disciples.
  • Start Date

    As soon as possible

  • Location

    United States

  • Term

    Long Term

  • Commitment Length

    Two years or more

  • Requirements
    • Be able to meet and visit with people in a professional manner
    • Have a pleasant telephone voice and manner
    • Basic knowledge of current business practices
    • Possess good communication skills, both oral and written
    • Must have good organizational skills
    • Must have good computer operation skills
    • Be able to lead at least one ministry team per year
    • Have a vital, growing relationship with Jesus that bears fruit
    • Be able and willing to lead devotions, Bible studies and speak publicly when called upon to do so?
  • Note

    One Mission Society is a faith-based mission and our staff raises 100% of their financial support to cover their pay, living and ministry expenses.

  • Spread the word