Special Education Instructional Assistant Hungary

Provide specialized support for a high-functioning autistic student so that he is able to be part of a normal educational environment at an English-speaking missionary school. Participate in classes with this student during the day as you creatively make the curriculum accessible and help him complete assignments. Assist with other functions throughout the day, including transitions between classes. As an instructional assistant, you’ll have a huge impact on this student and enable his parents to increase their ministry effectiveness in Hungary.


  • Provide assistance in completing teacher-directed activities. Work to tutor, reinforce, and/or follow-up learning activities and model appropriate skills and behaviors
  • Modify activities, assignments and/or materials as needed, under the direction of the teacher or therapist.
  • Collaborate with faculty in order to promote understanding of the student’s needs. Attend faculty meetings and other school events as required.
  • Communicate with parents about homework, upcoming projects, socialization issues, etc. as applicable.
  • Encourage the development of independence while maintaining constant supervision.
  • Help with relating to other students.
  • Assist with other tasks, which may include eating, bathroom needs, dressing, navigating stairs and hallways, and drop-off/pick-up time. Perform other duties as assigned when the student does not need direct supervision.
  • Start Date

    As soon as possible

  • Location


  • Term

    Both Long Term & Short Term

  • Commitment Length

    One or two semesters, or longer

  • Requirements
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience working with special needs students
    • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Note

    One Mission Society is a faith-based mission and our staff raises 100% of their financial support to cover their pay, living and ministry expenses.

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