Adventures in English Language Guide - Summer 2020 South Korea

Serve as an English Language Guide in South Korea in July of 2020. Adventures in English (AIE) is a two-week intensive English camp that primarily serves Korean seminary students and pastors, as well as young adults. Guide students in English through worship, outreach, Bible study, and cultural understanding. Build cross-cultural friendships with Korean Christians as you help them grow in their English ability. A week of orientation is included in this opportunity to learn about Korean culture and how to teach English to Korean students. An optional week involves teaching English to refugees in South Korea.

Approximate 2020 dates:

  • Mid-July through Mid-August

For trip details, including dates, cost, and next steps, visit the Men for Missions website and look for "South Korea - Adventures in English."

  • Start Date


  • Location

    South Korea

  • Term

    Short Term

  • Commitment Length

    3 or 4 weeks

  • Requirements
    • Faithful, flexible, and teachable
    • Interest or experience in ESL
  • Note

    One Mission Society is a faith-based mission and our staff raises 100% of their financial support to cover their pay, living and ministry expenses.

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