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    Language is often a barrier, dividing people from each other. But language can also be a bridge. Learning the language of another people fosters cultural understanding, respect, and mutual concern. Moreover, language learning can be a tool, not only to increase economic opportunity but to help connect people with the Lord.

    A diverse group of One Mission Society ministries makes use of language to connect people to God and to each other. They also open doors of opportunity for those in need. Here are some ways OMS is using language to change lives:

    • English Camps in Europe. Many European university students have little understanding of Christianity. English camps give them an opportunity to meet Christians with a vibrant relationship with Jesus. During the camp, many begin to see that God is relevant and can make a difference in their lives. English camps have proven to a fruitful evangelistic ministry. In fact, 30 percent of those who attend a camp accept Christ.
    • Bridge to Reading Literacy. Volunteer tutors teach adults to read the language they speak in areas where OMS-related partners are planting churches. These tutors are trained to teach reading, writing, and basic math in their local churches. At this time, the ministry assists churches in the Central African Republic, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Colombia. The ministry helps believers learn to read the Bible and is a powerful evangelism tool.
    • USA Diaspora Ministry. This ministry exists to assist and encourage immigrants and refugees who have settled in the United States. Many of these people struggle with English, misunderstand the culture, and don’t know Jesus. Volunteers teach English, share the Gospel, mentor, and pray with their students, some of whom lived in “unreached” areas in their homeland. There are tens of thousands of diaspora people within a few miles of the OMS World Headquarters in Greenwood.

    OMS has a variety of language-related ministries that help our missionaries and partners introduce people to the Word of God. These ministries also strengthen churches, open doors for discipleship, and increase economic opportunities for church members. Your support of these ministries will impact people and strengthen the church across the globe.

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