• Aaron and Shannon DePue

    Aaron and Shannon DePue both began their careers in sales and marketing, but they never expected that the Lord would use those experiences to bring them to the mission field.

    Aaron and Shannon graduated from college and were married in 2001 when they both began working in business. After the births of their children, Isabella (2004), Blayne (2005), and Avalynn (2007), they followed God’s direction and their entrepreneurial spirit and established their first small business, Place of Grace Early Learning Center. Developing that business venture was the perfect opportunity for Shannon to combine all of her developed skills and gifts into one ministry.

    While Shannon launched the preschool full time, Aaron continued to work in sales and marketing, gaining valuable experience. In 2014, Aaron followed God’s calling to full-time ministry as the director of Development at Covenant Christian School. His administrative role maintained responsibility for everything from marketing and business, daily operations, policies and procedures, organizational communication, and fundraising, to school discipline. The last four years at Covenant was a wonderful season of spiritual growth, learning, and discipleship for Aaron, also bringing together his business background and love for ministry.

    Aaron’s career change opened the door to allow the DePues to begin mission work in Budapest, Hungary, during the summers of 2015 and 2016. During those two summers, their family’s lives were dramatically impacted. It became very clear to them that the Lord had called them to a longer commitment to serving in Hungary as the next beautiful step in this journey.

    They plan to arrive in Hungary by summer of 2019.

    Aaron and Shannon will serve as the social entrepreneurship coordinators, combining two things that they are super passionate about: business and missions. They will be focusing on the start-up, building, management, and successful implementation of a thriving entrepreneurial project to create financial revenue for the benefit of the mission field and to see lives transformed in dynamic community.

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