• Mobilizing for Jewish Outreach

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    We want to see Jewish people coming to the knowledge of our Messiah, Jesus (ישוע). OMS Israel plans to develop a new ministry that is beyond its frontiers. Jewish people live all over the world. There are 20+ cities around the world with 80,000 or more Jewish population, and God is giving us a vision to begin an outreach within these countries.

    We see the need to reach secular Jewish communities worldwide. OMS’ base in Israel serves as an ideal launching point for this ministry, which will mobilize Gentiles to reach Jewish people, consistent with Romans 11:11 ("So I ask, did they stumble in order that they might fall? By no means! Rather, through their trespass salvation has come to the Gentiles, so as to make Israel jealous.") Gentiles frequently have fewer barriers in sharing the Gospel because a Jewish person who believes in Jesus is often perceived initially as having betrayed his identity. This can be a major barrier until they realize that one’s belief doesn’t change their ethnic heritage.

    We desire to facilitate outreach and to start new worshiping groups among secular Jewish communities around the world.

    Are you interested in serving in this area? Or can you donate so others might?

    OMS outreach workers recruited for this project will initially serve a 3-6 month internship period with a congregation in the north of Israel, led by an OMS leader. They will receive training, learn about ministry in a Jewish context, and capture the DNA of the congregation. They will then be deployed to secular Jewish communities in other countries, where they will engage in outreach, disciple new believers, and begin worshiping groups. The vision includes seeing Jewish leaders raised up outside of Israel who, in turn, could come to Israel to serve in outreach and planting new congregations.

    For more information or to learn ways to get involved with Moshe and the ministry in Israel, email him at loewenthal.moshe@gmail.com.

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