• HOPE61 - Human Trafficking Prevention

    HOPE61 trains and equips churches worldwide to understand the issue of human trafficking, to identify what causes people to be vulnerable to human trafficking, and to discover the gifts, talents, abilities, and resources that God has given each church to reduce the vulnerability of those in their communities. At its core, HOPE61 is an evangelism and discipleship catalyst aimed at people who are vulnerable to becoming involved in human trafficking.

    HOPE61 offers two levels of training:

    ENGAGE—a one-day workshop that equips pastors and other church leaders to prevent human trafficking in their communities.

    MULTIPLY—a multi-day workshop that teaches the content of ENGAGE and equips new HOPE61 trainers who lead ENGAGE training workshops.

    2018: A Transformational Year

    HOPE61 trained 77 people in the MULTIPLY training in 2018 … that’s more people trained than in all previous years combined since HOPE61 began in 2010. In our ENGAGE training workshops, we trained 1,651 leaders, and more than half of those were trained by a national trainer in their own language. We currently have five national trainers—one in Spain, one in Brazil, and three in Haiti. By the end of 2019, our hope and prayer is to add four trainers in Uganda, three in India, and two in Southeast Asia.

    Your gift to HOPE61 will help prevent human trafficking around the globe as we train more national trainers and equip more churches to reach out to those in their communities who are vulnerable to trafficking.

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