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    One Mission Society is involved in hundreds of ministries around the world. One of our latest goals is the Billion.Global Vision. OMS serves as the catalyst to give one billion people the opportunity to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ by July 2026.

    This vision is stretching us significantly and forces us to rely on the Lord. It requires a major mobilization of prayer, the recruitment and training of new missionaries, wide communication of the vision, and the development of additional financial resources.

    While it is easy to see that we need a significant increase in our overseas missions force to accomplish this vision, it may not be as noticeable that our OMS homeland missionaries are an essential part of this effort ... and everything that we do at OMS. Every day, these dedicated, faithful homeland missionaries play a critical role in supporting the efforts of our field missionaries and national partners, serving in more than 70 countries worldwide. They are deeply invested as they travel internationally, training partners, gathering photos and video footage, and supporting our fields through missionary counsel and care. Our homeland team also ensures that our missionaries are paid and that they receive funds on the field for ministry expenses. These are critical functions in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled.

    Will you give a generous financial gift to help OMS homeland missionary staff this month? Currently, almost half of homeland missionaries take an average 32 percent pay cut to serve with OMS. Your gift will be a huge encouragement to many!

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