• Leadership Discipleship & Development Through Theological Education

    Since its beginning, OMS has been in the business of planting seminaries and Bible colleges all around the world to develop Christ-like leaders for the global church. The OMS Theological Education (TE) Department continues this legacy of leadership development and theological education for the global church through ongoing partnership with more than thirty-five Bible colleges and seminaries from Brazil to Russia. We guide, encourage, and assist our partner schools to reach peak effectiveness in fulfilling their God-given institutional missions in developing church leaders who are fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ with a heart for missions.

    Shaping our context is the fact that the world of missions and leadership development for the global church is changing. Most of the world’s missionaries now come from the majority world. This means that there is an urgent need to create and implement new leadership development programs that equip those called from the global south for the Great Commission. It also means assisting more traditional Bible colleges and seminaries in the process of reforming existing programs and creating new programs to prepare a new generation of leaders for a new ministry context. OMS TE exists to respond to this need.

    Without your support, missionaries being sent from the majority world will go underequipped. Without your support, the next generation of leaders for the global church will be frustrated as they face challenges in ministry that they were not trained to overcome.

    With your support, the majority world can not only survive but thrive as the harvest force that is transforming the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please consider joining us.

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