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    In late May, tropical cyclone Mora swept across several countries throughout South Asia. The storm caused widespread damage in a security-risk OMS partner country. With winds reported as powerful as 70 mph, homes and businesses were destroyed. Additionally, nearly 26,000 homes were fully or partially damaged, and thousands of people were flooded in low-lying coastal areas by 6-foot waves that damaged crops, ruined homes, and killed livestock. Tragically, 11 people lost their lives, and 71 people are still missing. The storm also damaged 10,000 thatched hut roofs, which affects nearly 2.5 million people in 10 districts of this nation.

    Our in-country partners are working diligently to assess the damage and those affected. We will partner together to help 2,000 people in South Asia by providing emergency relief materials. Through our disaster preparedness strategy, OMS will provide $50,000 in disaster relief from OMS funds through Mercy Inc. to help meet the most urgent needs.

    We hope to use your generous donations to purchase food and water, medicine, tents, and sheet metal for roofs for 2,000 people. $209 covers the cost of an average family’s needs.

    Can you help a family devastated by Cyclone Mora in South Asia?

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