• Jay and Christina Santos

    In February 2006, Jay Santos moved from the Philippines to South Korea for work. A coworker asked Jay to go with him to Friends of All Nations (FAN) for a Bible study. He was hesitant, having grown up as a Roman Catholic, but he went. The music, the warmth of the other Filipinos in the Bible study, and the way they talked about having a relationship with Christ were all surprising to him. Soon thereafter, Jay was attending regularly. For years, he had sought the missing piece in his life, and finally, he found it in the Gospel. After Jay came to know the Lord, a pastor at FAN baptized and began discipling him. In December 2008, Jay returned to his rural hometown in the Philippines. He shared the Gospel with family and friends and started a church in his parents’ front yard under a tree. Today, the church has far outgrown that tree. Jay returned to South Korea as a leader in the Filipino community and continued to develop new believers.

    In 2010, after graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in counseling, Christina began serving at FAN, mentoring young women, leading Bible studies, and teaching English. Together, Jay and Christina went to factories and apartments to lead Bible studies for foreign workers. In September 2011, they were married in Indiana. In December 2014, they were blessed with their beautiful daughter, Lila, and in September 2016, they welcomed Ezra into their family.

    Currently Jay and Christina serve at One Mission Society World Headquarters. Jay provides administrative help in the Finance Department. Christina serves in Missionary Care, providing support for OMS missionaries. While Jay and Christina serve at headquarters, they are funding to return to South Korea in 2017. Friends of All Nations is a ministry that reaches out to overseas foreign workers who are separated from family. The hope is that after making a decision for Christ, workers will be discipled and trained in church planting principles. They will then return to their home countries and begin planting churches. Jay and Christina will reach out to foreign students at universities, train pastors in church planting, and coach Filipinos who have returned to the Philippines as they begin planting churches. Christina will continue in her Missionary Care role, but will focus specifically on OMS missionaries in Asia.

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