• Claude and Marilyn Meyers

    Since initial acceptance by OMS in 1961, Claude and Marilynn Meyers have served as educators of missionary children in Taiwan (17 years), Japan (5 years), Asia (6 years), Ukraine (2 years), Portugal (1 year), India (3 weeks), and Mozambique (12 years). They officially retired on March 31, 2009, with 43 years and 10 months of service. They founded schools for missionary children in Asia, Ukraine, and Mozambique.

    Claude primarily taught math and science, but he also taught some shop, music, and physical education at Morrison Academy in Taiwan, where he also served as the elementary principal and business manager. At Morrison, he was the assistant superintendent for Development, supervising the development and construction of a new 18-acre campus. Marilynn taught music, English, and history. In Japan, Claude served as headmaster, while Marilynn served as religious education director for Yokota Air Force Base.

    In Asia, Claude served as founding director for the MTI Education Program (K-12), now Tianjin International School), while teaching math, science, and physical education, and Marilynn taught history, English, and music. In Ukraine, they founded the Kiev International School (began as K–8, now K–12), which served the diplomatic, business, and missionary communities. In Portugal, Claude was the director of the American Christian International Academy, serving the K–8 age groups. They started Christian Academy in Mozambique in 1996 and shared the responsibilities of administration and instruction.

    During home ministry assignments, Claude studied at the University of Texas and completed a master of education in science education, and he earned a master of arts in curriculum and instruction at the University of Oregon, followed by a Ph.D. in educational administration. While on the field, he took courses from the University of Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon State University, and Azusa Pacific University. Marilynn completed her M.A. in education from Azusa Pacific University.

    Many former students are serving the Lord in many countries. They are involved in teaching, preaching, agriculture, and other areas of need.

    The Meyers have three grown children, all of whom have worked in Asia and are now involved in education in other countries—one in China, one in Saudi Arabia, and one in Mozambique, teaching in a medical school and discipling young believers. He formerly was an ER doctor in Detroit.

    The Meyers live in Florida, making contacts for OMS and encouraging and recruiting people for world missions. They have recently completed a two-year contract with an international school in central Mozambique. Their emails are: cmeyers4038@gmail.com and mmeyers4038@gmail.com. They would love to hear from you.

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