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    We praise God that the northern part of Haiti, where most of OMS ministries are located, was not affected nearly as badly as many anticipated by Hurricane Irma. Thank you for praying!

    This monster category 4-5 hurricane devastated several smaller Caribbean islands, the entire northern coast of Cuba, and parts of Haiti.

    In Cuba, electricity outages are widespread, and there is a lot of water in the streets.

    The OMS team traveled about four hours east to Havana to Santa Clara, which was hit hard. They are ready to open a number of community kitchens like they did in the east last year after Matthew, with plans to feed more than 200 people a day.

    The biggest immediate needs include: clean water, food, and roofing materials.

    A friend from Santa Clara wrote to us yesterday:

    "Our lives were not touched. We were all protected by the powerful hand of our Mighty God.

    Some of our properties were terribly damaged in the countryside. There the hurricane ripped out every tree and it took away fences and doors. Santa Clara city is destroyed, just like many others. Many houses were taken away, and there are lots of families on the streets. Many services were also damaged. We will be lacking electric power for some weeks ahead because 80% of the whole electric wiring system of the city was damaged. 100% of the sugar cane plantations were ravished, and many food facilities such as bakeries, factories, and stores were totally destroyed. The tourist resorts along the north coast were seriously affected, and there is a significant lack of water in our city right now.

    The people of Cuba are preparing to face a great and harsh period of hunger and need.

    At a moment like this, we praise the Lord for preserving our lives and we rely on Him to provide for us.

    Thank you all for your prayers as we are sure it was precisely that what the Lord used to lift us and keep us safe during this terrible hurricane.

    Thank you with all our hearts."

    Please pray for all those in immediate need of clean water, food, shelter, and medical care. OMS' immediate plans include sending funds to purchase food and water.

    We may be forming Men for Missions short-term teams at a later date, as well.

    Please continue to pray for those affected and all those who are trying to help them. You can help by giving here today.

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