• Harold Hurtado

    Harold Hurtado is an OMS missionary sent through the Inter-American Church of Colombia (IGLEICO), a denomination founded by OMS more than 70 years ago. He works with the New Life Hispanic Network of churches in the United States. He will be involved in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting among the Hispanic population of the U.S., enabling lay believers to plant and multiply churches, making a transformational impact within their local communities.

    Harold grew up in a Christian family, profoundly committed to sharing the Gospel in his city. Since his teen years, Harold has promoted and led missionary groups that take the Gospel from the church to the streets, schools, parks, and hospitals through theater, sports, dance, and various evangelistic strategies. Harold's passion has been to inspire and motivate the youth within Christ's church to fulfill the Great Commission.

    In 2012, he joined the missions department of IGLEICO to assist with projects, including the planting of new churches in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama. Harold was an integral part of IGLEICO sending its the first cross-cultural missionaries. In 2013, he became the director of this department, leading mission training for the local church. Harold traveled throughout much of Colombia to promote evangelism, church planting, and missions within the denomination. He also coordinated the sending of missionaries to vulnerable and indigenous communities, carrying the message of Jesus through needs-based evangelism. Harold has the gift of teaching others, and one of his passions is to share about Christian leadership and missions.

    He has worked in cooperation with a variety of Christian organizations in Colombia interested in participating in the Great Commission and sending out Colombian missionaries around the world.

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