This Christmas Say YES!

Last Christmas season, we asked you to “Rethink Christmas” to see how it might be different if we focused on giving sacrificially. As always, you responded generously. This year, we have again selected eight special ministries to feature. Please prayerfully consider how you might say YES this Christmas. YES to Jesus, the baby born in Bethlehem, as Deliverer and King … YES to giving the opportunity to as many as possible to hear, understand, and believe the Good News of that King … And YES to one of our eight featured Christmas projects.

  • Africa Literacy

    The Bridge to Reading ministry promotes literacy in areas where OMS-related partners are planting churches, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi. Volunteer tutors are trained to teach reading, writing, and basic math. This ministry is also a powerful evangelism tool and enables believers to read the Bible. A gift of $100 will cover the cost of teaching 10 students.

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    covers the cost of teaching 10 students
  • Bikes for Church Workers

    The Lord is at work in Africa, India, Myanmar, and around the world. People are coming to the Lord, and churches are being planted and multiplied like never before. And even MORE could be done with additional resources for our pastors and church planters. Would you consider a gift this Christmas of $100 to help purchase a bicycle or motorbike for a pastor or church planter in one of these countries?

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  • Global Immigrant Outreach

    OMS Diaspora Ministries exists to assist and encourage immigrants and refugees settling in the United States to establish themselves in a community and grow in their relationship and knowledge of Jesus Christ. This new ministry was created in response to globalization and seeing the how God is bringing lost people into our local communities. Your donation this Christmas will help expand our ability to reach out in practical ways, such as buying Bibles, English training materials, and basic toiletries and cleaning supplies.

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  • English Camps in Europe

    Europe can be a difficult place for evangelism. However, English camps have proven to be fruitful for evangelistic ministry. In fact, 30% of those who attend a camp accept Christ. For many European university students, their only experience with Christianity has been an Easter visit to an Orthodox cathedral. English camps give them an opportunity to meet Christians with a vibrant relationship with Jesus. During the camp, many begin to see that God is relevant and can make a difference in their lives. A gift of just $50 will help cover a portion of the cost for a student to attend an evangelistic English camp in Europe.

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  • HOPE61 - Human Trafficking Prevention

    HOPE61 seeks to prevent the spread of trafficked and enslaved humans by bringing the message of eternal salvation to those that are involved or vulnerable to become involved in human trafficking. OMS sends HOPE61 workers to serve in countries where OMS has planted churches in which we can partner together to equip national believers to combat this issue through prevention. $150 will provide training materials for 100 people.

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    provides training materials
  • Missionary Kid Scholarship Fund

    Every year, 10-15 young adults serve as interns at One Mission Society. These interns fill a variety of roles across OMS, bringing experience, enthusiasm, and new perspectives to their teams. Interns leave a lasting impact on OMS and on ministry around the world, and they walk away with a deeper engagement in missions and a vision for how they can be a part of furthering Christ’s kingdom around the world. Would you consider a special Christmas gift to help fund an intern next year? $70 is the average daily expenses for an intern.

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  • Resounding Hope

    Give the gift of hope to a family in Haiti by sponsoring a Resounding Hope radio. Each solar radio, distributed as part of evangelism and outreach by OMS’ Christian radio ministry Radio 4VEH, is fix-tuned to 4VEH and pre-loaded with the audio Bible in Haitian Creole. For families living in areas of deep poverty, with no reliable electricity, where many people are unable to read, these solar radios give hope and help each day, helping unbelievers hear the Gospel, encouraging believers to grow in their faith and serving people in Jesus’ name. Each gift of $60 will sponsor one radio, which will bless a Haitian household of about six people. Each gift of $3,000 will sponsor 50 radios, empowering a team of Haitian and visiting short-term missionaries for a day of door-to-door witness and blessing 50 families with a gift of a radio for their families.

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    sponsor one radio
    sponsor 50 radios
  • Worldwide Emergency Relief Fund

    Whether its an earthquake in Haiti, a tsunami in Asia, or flooding in India, OMS wants to be proactive in helping when disaster strikes. We want to be able to respond immediately with emergency relief upon hearing about the tragedy ... and not have to wait to send funds days and sometimes weeks after the catastrophe. These funds will help us to send emergency kits, hygiene items, food and water as early as possible so those affected can immediately receive aid and feel God's love as we become the hands and feet of Jesus. Would you consider a gift of $100 today to help provide early emergency relief when disaster strikes?

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