​Seeking the Sikhs

November 29 2016

How the church can reach out to the Sikh community

I recently reached out to the Sikh community in my neighborhood to discuss how Christians could serve and love them. Many of the current leaders do not speak English, but English-speaking Sikhs are beginning to outnumber the non-English speaking ones. Therefore, the guys I met with are training to be the next generation’s leaders.

When I arrived, Gurpreet and Subeg sat with me on the floor and served me traditional Indian food. We ate and small talked through the meal, getting to know each other.

After the meal, we went to another room to talk more about ministry. I discovered that Sikhs believe many of the same things about God as Christians. They believe that God is one, who is all powerful, he loves his people, and has a great plan for them. Sikhs have three core principles that Christians also hold: 1. Call out to God. 2. Earn an honest living. 3. Share what you have earned with the less fortunate.

It began to dawn on me – aside from needing English classes for the older generation, Sikhs do not need compassion ministry. They already have most of their physical needs. So how does the church build a relationship with people who don’t need our help? Then it came to me … by serving alongside them!

The church already provides clothing for the homeless, food for the poor, and takes care of the widows and orphans. By inviting Sikhs to serve alongside us establishes our common goals with their community. Working with the Sikh community tears down barriers of unfamiliarity. This allows the church to see them as valuable people in our country. It also provides Sikhs with the opportunity to feel more secure in the U.S. because they now have American friends.

Most importantly, partnering with the Sikh people can build friendships that may lead to opportunities to sow the Gospel. Our ministries will not only help the direct recipients of our compassion ministry, but also indirectly grow the kingdom through Gospel sowing. How exciting to perhaps double the impact of our ministry!

By Jason Ferkel, OMS U.S. Diaspora Ministry Coordinator

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First Human Trafficking Prevention Training in Haiti = Success

November 22 2016

I recently traveled to Haiti to conduct the first HOPE61 training seminars in that country. The problem of human trafficking is monumental across the country, and the pastors and leaders were hungry to learn from the seminar how they could prevent it from happening in the communities they serve.

Haiti is the 14th country to receive the HOPE61 training. It was a blessed time of learning for me and the pastors and church leaders that attended the sessions in Cap Haitien and Port-au-Prince.

It rained for days, and the flooding was severe across the Cap Haitien region, but the day we conducted the training was sunny and warm. One hundred pastors and leaders were invited to attend, but with the flooding in homes and on the roads, we were unsure how many would be able to attend. We praise God for the more than 75 leaders that attended the seminar!

The training was interactive and dynamic. One attendee was Dr. Rodney Baptiste, the director of the OMS-related Bethesda Medical Clinic. Dr. Rodney was so excited to receive this training on human trafficking prevention that he took what he had learned and shared it with the entire staff at Bethesda the next day.

At the end of each HOPE61 training seminar, participants are asked to develop a plan of action to implement what they have learned. Dr. Rodney’s plan was to share the information with his staff as they interact with people every day at the clinic who are vulnerable to become involved in trafficking. Raising the awareness and the knowledge of the staff at Bethesda Medical Clinic will directly reduce the vulnerability of those that come through the clinic. How wonderful to know that the training was multiplied, almost immediately, by Dr. Rodney.

Another 35 pastors and leaders were trained the next day in Port-au-Prince. We are excited to hear stories of the training the pastors received being implemented across southern Haiti, as well. God is working powerfully in Haiti in a number of ways, and it is a huge blessing for HOPE61 to begin work there, as well. Human trafficking is a huge problem around the world, but not too big for God and his church to overcome! Will you join us in praying for Haiti and for the other 13 countries that HOPE61 is working in to prevent human trafficking?

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By Tom Overton, Director of HOPE61

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​Wanna Help an MK?

November 15 2016

Amazing things can happen when people get together and have a casual conversation.

In this instance, one person was a concerned constituent from Kansas and the other two were OMS missionaries, serving with Men for Missions. The topic of conversation: Were the parents of MKs able to help their kids with college education on their missionary salaries? Out of that casual conversation in the mid-1970s an OMS-USA scholarship fund was started.

Today, depending on how many MKs apply, The Crews, Gibson, Spate Scholarship Fund awards 10-15 scholarships to our OMS-USA college MKs. We’re thankful to be able to award these scholarships each year, and the MKs are always very thankful to receive them. The scholarships are relatively small and with the soaring costs of continuing education, we would love to see the fund increased.

Our college MKs are great kids studying in various fields, but one thing they all have in common … college debt! Another is that they all love the Lord.

Would you consider blessing an MK this Christmas with a gift to the scholarship fund? With your gift, you become part of the answer to that casual conversation that was started so long ago.

By Deanna Cathcart, Missionary Kid (MK) Ministries Coordinator

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​Engaging the Next Generation

November 7 2016

Every year, 10-15 college students and young adults serve as interns at One Mission Society. These interns fill a variety of roles across OMS, bringing experience, enthusiasm, and new perspectives to their teams. Whether they’re with us a few hours a week or all summer, interns leave a lasting impact on OMS and on ministry around the world.

Clarissa Hunter served as a summer intern with OMS in 2014. After she graduated last year, God led Clarissa to serve on a short-term trip to Hungary, where she was able to put her strong administrative and communication skills to use. Through that experience, God called Clarissa to continue her service with OMS. Clarissa currently serves at the OMS World Headquarters in the Development Department while funding to return to Hungary as a full-time missionary.

OMS also hosts interns from other countries through denominational partnerships around the world.

Harold Hurtado was an intern from Colombia who served with OMS for six months earlier this year. Harold had a background in missions and a heart for people. Right before he began his internship, Harold’s denomination faced changes, and he was left without a job to return to after his internship.

Harold began praying about what was next while trusting in God’s plan and provision. He met Jonathan Morton, an OMS missionary who serves with New Life, a Hispanic church-planting ministry based in the Indianapolis area. Harold attended New Life Church and instantly found a community there. As he served at the OMS headquarters and became more engaged with his new church family, God called Harold to be involved in this ministry longer term. Now, Harold is back in Colombia funding to return to the U.S. to serve alongside Jonathan and the New Life church-planting network.

While not every intern goes on to re-engage with OMS in one of these ways, we hope every intern walks away with a more intimate relationship with Jesus, a deeper engagement in missions, and greater insight into how they can be a part of furthering Christ’s kingdom around the world. Will you support future world-changers like Clarissa and Harold?

Give to intern scholarship, one of our eight Christmas projects being highlighted this holiday season. Give here.

By Andrea Fisher, OMS Mobilization Team

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