It Takes a Team

January 28 2016

In about a week, one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl, will be played. A lot of attention will be given to the “celebrity” quarterbacks facing each other, but it’s important to note that whoever wins the Super Bowl will win because 53 athletes, countless coaches, managers, and office staff did their jobs for last year. The quarterback will not win the Super Bowl; a team will.

One Mission Society has a team in Hungary. (To learn more about them, check out the OMS Hungary website at to read their bios.) But the team that’s dedicated to transforming lives in Hungary goes far beyond the OMS missionaries who live in country.

Over the last couple weeks, hopefully you’ve read their blog posts as well (if not, scroll down and read the other posts on the OSM website). From Florida to West Virginia to Northern Ireland, you’ve heard from team members who are, in many ways, as critical to achieving the goals in Hungary as we are. There are so many more than you have had the opportunity to hear from. Our extended team members support the vision through prayer, financial giving, and volunteering. To each one, we say, “Thanks!”

You’ve read their stories about our team and about how the Transformational Ministry Center in Budapest will play a big role in helping us to achieve our shared goals. They shared their stories because, like us, they want to give you an opportunity to be a part in reaching our unified goal of Jesus transforming lives in Hungary and growing his church.

As a team, we know that youth and young adult leaders in Hungary need support. We know that training and equipping Hungarians to reach this “open generation” is critical to the revival of churches in Hungary. Equipping them with tools, collaboration, coaching, and support through our Hungarian foundation will achieve the goal that we are convinced God has asked us to play.

Together, we ask you to prayerfully consider how you might support the Transformational Ministry Center project. As a team member you would be counted on to pray for our ministries. As a team member, God may lead you to go and be a part of a ministry. As a team member, God may be leading you now to make a contribution to restoring the building that will help us see Hungary transformed.

God owns this team, and we want him to make the decisions. Is he asking you to join us, to play a role through giving that will help us to win it all? In two weeks, the Super Bowl will be past, and the focus will be toward winning it all next year. In two weeks, our team will continue to work toward the kind of win that changes lives for eternity.

Join us, won’t you?

By Jonathan Long, OMS Field Leader in Hungary

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​Youth Are the Future

January 25 2016

When I was first introduced to One Mission Society as a youth in 1996 at a Summer English Camp in Hungary, my life changed forever. After camp, missionaries invested in my life, and a major transformation took place that led to a commitment to fulltime service to God through youth ministries.

During my university work in youth ministries education, the topic of “Youth Are the Future” was discussed in many of my courses. While the statement is correct, it only points us in one direction. It only looks ahead at what can come of the youth in a few years. However, the youth are here today. They surround us, and many are ready or nearly ready to lead today.

We are passionate about young people. We pray and work hard to see them transformed through the work of God in their lives. The last couple of months, we have talked with various young people about their spiritual vital signs, and we have been pleased to see great potential in today’s young people in Hungary. Now, we know the situation is not that simple. It is far more complicated than that.

For this reason, we are excited about the Transformational Ministry Center opening. Not only will this center be available for many youth outreach events and activities, it will be a place where we can invest in those who have the greatest impact on the youth—youth leaders! We will be able to invest into current Hungarian youth leaders who desperately need a place of learning both theoretical and practical skills in how to do ministry with young people in a culture that struggles to truly value its own youth.

In recent discussions with Hungarian pastors, I have come to see the terrain that is in front of us. We need a place for the various Hungarian Christian leaders to gather together and learn from one another on a regular basis. We need to provide an environment of common learning, collaboration, and a place where we can love one another as Christ instructed us. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:34-35 ESV). If we imitate Christ in this manner at the Transformational Ministry Center, we have the opportunity to claim that: Youth Are the Future. These young people will be transformed through unity in God and with their fellow Christian brothers and sisters to go to battle for this generation of youth and the following ones. However, it starts today. It starts now. It starts with us!

By Viktor Rozsa, One Mission Society Missionary in Hungary

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Working Hand in Foot

January 21 2016

Overwhelmed. Overjoyed. Overexcited. All of the emotions that we experienced as our family of 5 stepped off of that airplane in Budapest, Hungary, to share in the indescribable ongoing work that God called us to be a part of last summer. Quickly, we realized that in an unfamiliar culture and place, with perfect strangers, we had one common bond. One like mind. One Mission as we call it.

Perceptions fall away as you realize that God has prepared you for a time just as this. Each of us is given a set of unique talents, gifts, and resources. Just as 1 Corinthians 1:12 talks about a body with many parts, each doing its function, we saw the body of Christ come together in Hungary.

Each person, clearly ordained for specific purpose, fulfilled their role as the weeks rolled on and opportunities arose. Career missionaries, short-term missionaries, volunteers, various denominations, and churches all working together. Everyone combining their resources to minister through the English Camp, Roma Camp, and outreach projects to the Syrian refugees. A true example of the church.

The team in Hungary is continuing the next step of faith by building a literal place of connection through the new Transformational Ministry Center in the 14th district of Budapest. A physical structure for the body to work and grow for the glory of God. To train, disciple, make connections, build relationships, form partnerships with fellow believers, and transform lives for Christ.

God calls each of us to be used by him for him. How would he have you to become a part in sharing in the next step in building his kingdom in Hungary?

By Shannon & Aaron DePue, Short-term Volunteers in Hungary, Summer 2015

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United in Mission: How a church in Ireland is partnering with our Hungary field

January 19 2016

Dervock Presbyterian Church is a community of God’s people on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland. So, why do we support the ministry efforts of One Mission Society in Hungary and the establishment of their ministry center?

OMS Hungary seeks to be an early church example

Our church in Ireland seeks, with God’s help, to be a “well” church. Our vision is based on Acts 2:42-47. We seek to be worshipping, evangelizing, learning, and loving. These are all expressions of faith that will be lived out and practiced in this new ministry center in Hungary. Acts 2 is very clear—the church is to be a community of God’s people. This new vison is about being and building community. How did God bless the community of Acts? “He added to their number those who were being saved.” This is also the goal and vision of OMS Hungary.

OMS Hungary is dependent on churches (like Dervock Presbyterian)

We as the church must help causes like this because organizations like OMS need the help of Christians around the world. Maybe there are some reading this that are not in a position to give, but the field also needs and covets our prayers. I am thankful that this activity is partnership in the Gospel. Not only do I hope the project will be completed, and the people will hear of God’s salvation, but I hope that my own congregation will be spurred on in their missionary interest; we are dependent on this type of project because it keeps congregations like ours fixed on the bigger picture of mission around the world and keeps our eyes fixed on the Lamb by praying more, especially for this cause.

OMS Hungary works on the behalf of churches (like Dervock Presbyterian)

We as a church give thanks to God for this type of initiative. Many in our congregation are rural farmers with major commitments to their livestock, livelihoods, and families. They know they cannot drop everything and go, yet, we are grateful for the team working in Hungary, essentially on our behalf. We cannot go, but it is our responsibily to support those who have been called and given up much to see God’s kingdom extended. Paul said that God would put the fruit of his own ministry to the account of the church in Philippi. We want to be as involved in Hungary’s vision as the church in Philippi was in Paul’s vision.

OMS Hungary is sharing the Gospel with people

As an evangelical church, we desire above all else that Jesus Christ be known across the world. One individual can only do so much to spread the Gospel in the world. Yet, through church mission involvement, we are privileged to gather our resources out of our abundance to help fund the spread of the Gospel throughout the world, in particular, Hungary. God wants the world to know about Christ. He has chosen us as individuals and as churches to share that Gospel with others.

We (Dervock Presbyterian) are commanded by Almighty God to help

Before returning to glory, our Lord Jesus gave the church an emphatic command. We are to go into the entire world with the Gospel! As a church, we have sent members of this congregation to Hungary to participate in short-term missions. We also can pray, which we do often in our midweek services and prayer meetings; but what is most needed by the field right now is our financial support… so we give. Paul says to the church in Corinth, and perhaps he’s saying to you, today “See that you also excel in this grace of giving.”

By Rev. Scott Moore, Minister of Dervock Presbyterian Church and Summer English Camp volunteer.

If you'd like to give to this project, click here.

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​Here to Stay in Hungary

January 13 2016

Back in 1989, Hungary was a part of the movement that helped set in motion a series of dominoes that ultimately led to the fall of the Iron Curtain. That was when Hungary first opened its border to the West. It allowed visitors from East Germany to cross over and visit friends and relatives in Austria and West Germany. Once this was done, East Germany had to open its own border. Thousands of people began to stream into the West.

Soon, Communist governments throughout the Soviet block began to crumble, and the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain came down. In 1990, Hungary held its first free elections. In 1997, it became a member of NATO. On May 1, 2004, it joined the European Union.

Much has changed since Hungary first opened it border to the West. And the country continues to change at a rapid pace. For one thing, Hungary is going through a cultural revolution as a new generation grows up with no memory of what it was like to live under a Communist dictatorship. These young people have very different expectations and a very different way of looking at the world than do their parents and grandparents. So, where is Hungary now? Where has it come over the last 25 years? And where is it going?

OMS has been in Hungary since August 1992. In 1994, we began our summer English camp program in cooperation with the Hungarian military. For many years, we worked alongside the military, teaching English to students in secondary schools. God did amazing things through this ministry, and great fruit was born from these labors. Most of our young Hungarian leadership of today came to know the Lord through our camp and English ministries. Eventually, when Hungary joined NATO, it closed all of its secondary schools. Nevertheless, our English-based ministries have continued on and have gone in several new directions. This has led to new needs, including a “home” of our own — a ministry center.

A dedicated ministry center would not only give our team a valuable home for its English clubs, youth ministry, and other develping ministries, it would make an important statement to the people of Hungary, especially to the younger generation. Such a center would tell the people of Hungary that we are here to stay, and that we are not another fly-by-night organization that has come to take what we want and then leave. Stability, accountability, and commitment are all very important to the Hungarian people. These things provide the foundation for trust and cooperation.

Our team now has the opportunity to establish its own ministry center. We purchased a run-down building that once served as an artist’s studio. It is in a wonderful location, just a stone’s throw from several major public transportation lines. And it offers a wide range of possible uses. But it is in great need of complete renovation. Would you consider helping us bring this project to fruition?

Check out more information on the Ministry Center here.

By Will Dickerson, Former OMS Hungary Field Leader

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​No Lone Ranger Cowboys in Hungary

January 7 2016

A few weeks ago, our church (located in the panhandle of Florida) sent a team of 8 men to Budapest, Hungary, to be a part of what God is doing through the One Mission Society Hungary team. Together, we spent sweat, blood, and forints (Hungarian currency).

Most of our energy went into demolition (the first step of renovation!) of a building the team is preparing as a multi-use ministry space. We worked hard alongside the OMS Hungary team, but the work was secondary.

Over the course of our week, we experienced radical hospitality. We felt the loving acceptance of our Lord through the over-the-top hospitality of the OMS Hungary team.

We saw a team with highly refined skills and strategic vision. Every member of the team told us stories about where God is going in Hungary and how they fit into the kingdom plan. The Hungary team is poised to move forward in power, everyone using their skills in service of a singular strategic vision.

We felt love, and we saw unity. The One Mission Society Hungary team recognizes each member’s individual personality and skill set, and they take advantage of their diversity to reach more people for Christ! Different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. OMS Hungary is not a group of loosely associated cowboys and one-woman-shows; they are truly a team!

We were blessed to be a part of their team for the week. We felt like family. We were impressed by their skill and vision. And we expect to see more great things in Hungary as the team continues to follow the Holy Spirit.

We look forward to seeing some of this progress through update letters and photos; and, God willing, we expect to see some of it in person. God used the Hungary team to build something special among our Crosspoint men. We don’t take that lightly, and we hope our partnership only grows deeper over time.


Tyler Fuller
Missions Pastor

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Every Rock Tells a Story

January 5 2016

Moses struck a rock in the desert, and it produced lifesaving water. David put a rock in his sling and brought down a giant. Jesus declared to Peter that he would build his church upon the rock. God can do amazing things with rocks. A rock is steady, strong, a sure foundation.

We know that even now, our rocks surrendered to the hands of God can yield powerful results. In Hungary, our rocks form a 150-year-old building in Budapest’s 14th district. A virtual pile, stacked on top of each other, making up a refuge, a home, a place of training and equipping. A place of transformation.

As we engage in our vision to see Hungary transformed by Christ, our building will be a rock used to build the kingdom of God in Hungary. In their current state, our rocks need work. In addition to making up our walls, we need wiring, plaster, windows, flooring, internal walls, appliances, etc.

We invite you to join us over the next month for a journey of transformation. Many different people will share about how God is building his kingdom through the One Mission Society team and how the Transformational Ministry Center will play an important role in accomplishing his vision. Join us!

By Jonathan Long, OMS Hungary Field Leader

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