​New Believers in Nepal

April 12 2016

Since the devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, our partners in South Asia have provided life-saving relief to the Nepali people. We are so grateful to the generous support of many donors, including hundreds of OMS supporters.

Philip and his team immediately reached out to the people deeply affected in a region that other organizations didn’t. They provided food supplies for 7,000 hungry people, they distributed relief kits among 1,400 families who survived the disaster, but lost everything because of it. And they gave medicine and medical supplies to many of those who were injured.

Over this past year, the people in the villages that were helped have expressed their deep gratitude, recognizing that they would not have survived this difficult situation without the assistance from our generous donors. As a result, these villagers experienced true Christian love through this support.

And more good news …

Among the communities served, 22 villages have accepted Christ as their Savior and were recently baptized! Our partners there are now selecting leaders and training them, using the Train & Multiply curriculum for multiplying disciples and churches.

The positive relationships built have set a firm foundation for our ongoing ministry in this area. God is at work in Nepal!

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One Year Later ... Nepal Earthquake Victims Still Need Help

April 5 2016

We drove five hours to northeastern Nepal, high into the mountains, to distribute chicks, goats, and food at locations that Pastor Daniel had set up the week before. We looked forward to meeting him for the first time and encouraging him and the people of the area. Pastor Daniel provides leadership and support for the people of northeast Nepal, just miles from the China boarder.

Unfortunately, just days before my wife Cindy and I arrived in Nepal, Pastor Daniel was involved in a bus accident and was injured and had to have surgery, along with his one-month-old child, who suffered a broken leg. He and his baby are doing better, but Pastor Daniel’s injuries will take a long time to heal.

Many times when you have a strong leader who is taken out of ministry for a while, this brings discouragement to the community. They are afraid they cannot go on without their leader. Even the other local pastor began to shut down, believing that the community couldn’t continue without the main pastor.

Our faithful partners from South Asia called all the pastors of the area to come together to talk about how to move forward while Pastor Daniel recovers from his injuries. They received a powerful message about working together as a team and moving forward with the plans that Pastor Daniel had already set in place.

We’re thankful that they did just that, and the ministry is moving forward during Pastor Daniel absence.

Philip and our South Asia ministry partners have identified 13 Nepali villages that were badly affected by the earthquake and monsoon rains to receive help and support from OMS. These villages are a 5-6 hour drive from the capital city Kathmandu. The villagers are mostly marginal farmers, growing crops on the hillsides, but due to the heavy rains and landslides, they have lost their crops. Philip and his team will help the 600 families most devastated by the earthquake.

Our goal is by the end of fifth year (the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015), 80 percent of the beneficiaries will be self-supporting with the help of the chicks and goats we provide for their livelihood. We also hope to see less sickness with the health education provided to prevent diseases. And we want to see fewer landslides due to the tree plantation project.

By Dennis Hardin, president of Mercy, Inc., an OMS ministry partner

Click here to donate to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Project.

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Vision FAQs

November 13 2015

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ 1: Does this mean OMS is aiming to see one billion people make decisions for Christ over a 10-year period?

No. While this would be wonderful, it is not the intended objective. Jesus said in Matthew 7:14, “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” If one billion people are given the opportunity to understand and respond, the number who actually decide through repentance and saving faith to become followers of Jesus will be sadly much less. Our goal is to give one billion people the opportunity to hear and understand the Good News.

FAQ 2: Is this going to change our OMS mission statement, making evangelism our primary focus instead of discipleship?

No. In the Great Commission, evangelism and discipleship are intimately linked. One does not stand on its own without the other. The intent, therefore, is to keep the OMS mission statement as is. OMS missionaries are called to be involved in both proclaiming the Good News and in making disciples. We are also called to raise up and train others to be involved, which reflects the God-given vision of our founder Charles Cowman and his strategy of equipping the sons and daughters of a nation to reach their own people. This was exemplified in OMS’ God-sized vision in the early 1900s with the Great Village Campaign in Japan. During this six-year campaign, OMS reached out to every home in Japan with the Word of God, and thousands made decisions for Christ.

FAQ 3: How will the one billion opportunities be counted?

This represents a huge challenge, especially when working with many global partners who value metrics differently. We are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in our efforts to establish good metrics to track progress toward the one billion. This question must be, and will be, answered with clarity.

FAQ 4: Is this going to be a uniquely OMS effort?

No. OMS is small compared to this big vision. It will take much more in the way of human and financial resources than what OMS has. It will take God’s power at work (Zechariah 4:6). The engagement of many OMS partner churches around the globe will be needed. There will also be a need for other alliances and partnerships.

FAQ 5: When does the 10-year clock start ticking?

Much in the way of strategic preparation is already underway. OMS leaders are asking God to enable a global impact that’s completely disproportionate to who OMS is, all for his glory. The 10-year period in which we’re trusting him to fulfill this vision, and during which we’ll use helpful metrics to measure progress toward the one billion, begins July 1, 2016.

FAQ 6: What are some of the greatest threats to this vision being carried out?

Pride – This must be all about Christ, not about us.

Prayerlessness – Without it, we fail to be what he desires and to accomplish what honors him.

Poor discipleship – An intentional journey of discipleship within a Christ-centered community of faith is an absolute, biblical necessity to which OMS is deeply committed.

FAQ 7: How would OMS leaders respond to the criticism, “Given the size of OMS and its resources, and all the opposition that will come, this vision is completely unreasonable”?

In light of who God is, the promises he has made to those who love and obey him, and the mission he has given to his church, we are prepared to face criticism and opposition. Spiritual warfare will be involved as we call people from darkness to the light of Christ. We know he is, and will be, with us. The pursuit of this vision, which we believe he has given, will be a test of our joyful confidence in him.

FAQ 8: What if we fail?

We know we will unless God is intimately and powerfully involved. What’s of greater value: to pursue a vision that’s aligned with our resources and can be carried out in our finite wisdom and strength, or to pursue a God-sized vision that aligns with his heart and can only be carried out if he’s in it? Moving from pessimism to optimism, what if we succeed? Thinking about this leads to passionate expectation!

FAQ 9: Where does intercession fit into all of this?

Because of its vital importance in the work of God, prayer will be the first and primary work in the pursuit of this vision. Prayerlessness will lead to certain failure, to a carnal effort instead of a Spirit-empowered one. That’s why it’s essential that we stop, drop, and pray daily for God’s help in this.

FAQ 10: What is Stop, Drop, and Pray all about?

We’re asking each of you to take some time every day to stop what you are doing, drop into an attitude of prayer … or physically to your knees, if you choose … and pray that God will enable the opportunities to share the Gospel with one billion people in the next 10 years.

FAQ 11: How do I get information from OMS to pray specifically for this vision and the ministry of One Mission Society?

Go to www.onemissionsociety.org/1billion to sign up for a short monthly prayer update . . . with the assurance that extraneous, unsolicited emails will not be sent. Rather, the purpose of the monthly prayer emails is to fuel intercession for this effort.

FAQ 12: What can I do now to help? Pray …

That we would be enthralled with God, not with a vision.

That we would daily put to death all that is of self and the flesh so that Christ can be exalted through us, so that we’re living for him and in him.

That God would give supernatural favor as potential partners are approached about being involved in carrying out this vision.

That God would amazingly provide the needed people and finances to do this.

That this vision would be fulfilled for the honor and glory of Christ! “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

One Mission Society PO Box A Greenwood IN 46142 317.888.3333 www.onemissionsociety.org

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Brief OMS History

May 12 2016

OMS was birthed in a storefront building in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. In 1901, American missionaries Charles and Lettie (the author of the best-selling devotional, Streams in the Desert) Cowman partnered with a Japanese pastor, Juji Nakada, holding Christian evangelistic meetings for 2,000 consecutive nights. Before long, Japanese churches were organized, and the new association, the Japan Holiness Church (JHC), grew rapidly.

Originally known as the Oriental Missionary Society, today OMS is engaged in ministry in more than 70 countries on six continents. Partnership remain key to the effectiveness of OMS making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).

Working with and alongside like-minded Christian groups, organizations, and national churches,OMS seeks to communicate the love of God, establish Christian churches, and train and equip a nation’s people to lead and multiply their churches.

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