How does T&M parallel the methods of Jesus and Paul?

April 27 2015

T&M uses the training methods of both Jesus and the apostle Paul.

Jesus focused on a few (12 apostles) to win many (within 70 years his disciples had taken his good news into every corner of the Roman world). He went slow at first in order to go faster later. Jesus knew he only had three years to prepare people to launch a movement. Human intuition says, “Start fast, and start big.” Jesus was counter-intuitive. He started slow, and he focused on a few. T&M does the same. You will not find any well-packaged, mass marketing campaigns or programming in T&M. Instead, you will find groupings of one-on-one or small groups as trainers and coaches equip disciples for the harvest and to lead churches.

Jesus invested his time in the right persons. He focused on obedience-based discipleship. He ministered to everyone who came to see him through preaching, teaching, and healing. But, he used tough teaching, fervent prayer, and calls to obedience to filter his followers down to the 12 he invested in the most. T&M welcomes everyone. But, through various filters and a focus on accountability, it helps the coach to invest his or her time with motivated participants -- ones who want to grow in Christ-likeness and do so through devoted learning and obedient service. But, T&M also helps believers focus on the persons God is directing them to invest in through their evangelistic and discipleship efforts – those persons of peace Jesus directed his disciples to in Luke 10.

Jesus made disciples who could make disciples. His approach was very relational. Making disciples is very different from making converts. Disciple making requires time and relationship. Jesus did life with his disciples. And he modeled exactly what he wanted them to do as they went out to make disciples. They learned well. They taught others what Jesus taught and modeled what he had modeled. They made disciples who made disciples who made disciples.

In the T&M process, the T&M coach develops very genuine relationships with T&M participants. T&M is a very relational process that empowers Christians to both coach and train believers to multiply

themselves in the lives of others. Disciples make disciples who make disciples, as participants become coaches who train other participants who become coaches. Strong leadership development occurs, healthy churches are started, and the process continues as a church multiplication movement builds.

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Train & Multiply History

April 23 2015

The use of Train & Multiply marks a new paradigm in discipleship. As a young missionary in Honduras, George Patterson became frustrated when his traditional teaching methods at a small Bible school didn’t work. So, he dug into the New Testament to study the methods of Jesus and Paul. He talked with older, experienced missionaries.

George discovered a simple but powerful paradigm modeled by Jesus and taught by Paul. “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” 2 Timothy 2:2 (NIV).

Train & Multiply uses this paradigm to take the training to ordinary, mature believers already involved in ministry. It can be used where believers live and work. The material is broken down into simple, easy-to-understand training booklets. Leaders are taught to introduce the booklets at the precise moment the believer needs the material in their ministry and coach them on how to implement it. In this way, it can be passed on for use by other ordinary, mature believers in other communities.

In 1985, Patterson left Honduras and turned all of his booklets over to S.E.A.N. (Study by Extension for All Nations) in Chile. S.E.A.N. worked with a large team of people to transform these hundreds of booklets into a set of approximately 60 books and manuals. They called this new work “Train and Multiply.”

S.E.A.N. entered a joint venture agreement with Project WorldReach (PWR) in 2000. PWR, under the leadership of Lloyd Niles, had seen the value of T&M and had a vision to see it expand and serve all nations in many languages. One key aspect of the partnership was to have T&M materials held centrally with Project WorldReach so that they would be available worldwide!

Then, in 2012, One Mission Society entered a joint venture with Project WorldReach and both now share the copyrights, management, distribution, training, and translation of T&M.

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What Might Happen? - Training

April 20 2015

Rinse & Repeat.

Most shampoo bottles recommend doing this for the best results. When you want the best results in reaching the unreached, the best method is Train & Multiply.

At the time Willy and Vicky moved to Tacloban City, training was not anywhere on their immediate radar. God had called them to be there for the people and to share their faith in Jesus.

They quickly discovered that preparation through training was necessary as the ministry was growing at a remarkable pace.

In June of 2014, they attended training in a process called Train & Multiply (T&M). When worked properly, this method is producing much fruit. The three-day training equipped Pastors Willy and Vicky to open many new doors in Tacloban City. Instead of trying to disciple everyone, they are now able to train a team. This is similar to the way Jesus demonstrated to us, working with the twelve disciples.

In January Pastors Willy and Vicky facilitated training for 13 different people. On the one end of the spectrum, they had very highly educated individuals (a college professor, a retired regional social worker, a teacher and a retired teacher, and a couple of barangay officials).

On the other end were individuals who struggled with the learning process. What a wild range of participants. Willy and Vicky did a superb job of handling both groups well. Excitement pulsated through the room when people shared their vision maps.

Willy and Vicky are presently working with groups in seven different areas. They could have 7-8 more areas if these lay people follow through on their visions.

Train & Multiply has been instrumental in One Mission Society and their partners starting 25,565 new worshiping groups in 2014. Pastors Willy and Vicky are a true testament to what might happen if we could mobilize ordinary people to go out into the harvest fields.

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What Might Happen? - Plan

April 16 2015


I love it when a plan comes together, especially when it is God’s plan. On March 15, 2014, the plan was in place, and Pastors Willy and Vicky moved from Tarlac City to Tacloban City. By car, this is a more than 24-hour move. Their plan was to distribute roofing sheets to people who lost their roofs during the typhoon. This would give them an opportunity for connection to the community.

In the first two months they had distributed sheets to 44 homes in one area and 22 in another. They requested the roofs be painted red so you can see which houses were given new roofs. The picture gives a view from the top with several homes “seeing red.” The best part of the ministry is the relationships built with people who have started attending house churches as new believers. In two months they already had two worshiping groups meeting weekly with more than 50 total in attendance.

The people of the Philippines are such giving people, despite what little they may have. If you are visiting, they will prepare a meal or an afternoon merienda (snack) from what little they have. Many of the locals lost their families. Parents lost all their children, children lost all of their family – 26 people were lost in one family alone.

A woman survived with all eight of her children by clinging to trees while the storm surge hit. By God’s miraculous grace they all survived. This is not the case for many as more than 6,000 people lost their lives in Typhoon Yolanda. The area was devastated, yet the people still show love and hope.

Pastors Willy and Vicky have committed to stay three years to help those in need and build up leaders in the church. They live sacrificially and have a true heart for glorifying God in their daily lives. They yearn to do more for the families of Tacloban City.

To be continued…

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What Might Happen? - Faith

April 13 2015


Without this we are lost. Pastor Willy had faith, but he needed guidance from God. The group of four from FECPI and OMS traveled to Tacloban City with an overabundance of faith and trust. They knew God would show them a way.

Their first goal was to get to a hotel and drop luggage. In a ravaged city, this is not an easy task. Many places were destroyed and transportation was limited. With this in mind, they attempted to hail a motorcycle taxi (trike) in hopes of easier mobility. The first trike they stopped was not for hire. The driver was a vendor of peanuts heading home after a long day.

Knowing the difficulties of finding transportation, he gave them a ride. Conversation ensued as the men described why they came to the area. He had nothing to gain from them, but he offered his house to them as a place to stay. This one ride resulted in the driver becoming their contact, or Person of Peace (Luke 10).

The peanut vendor soon accepted Christ into his life and became instrumental in introducing Pastors Willy and Vicky to many people impacted by the typhoon. Since that chance meeting, his business has flourished. Through faith, God revealed their person of peace and an opening into a community that was in pain.

The person of peace described in Luke 10 will welcome you into their house. This testimony shows God still reveals those people today. We meet people daily in our lives. Many are living without hope and simply need someone to reach out to them. How often do we overlook opportunities? “If a man of peace is there, your peace will rest on him; but if not it will return to you.” (Luke 10:6) Keep an eye out for persons of peace in your life.

To be continued…

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What Might Happen? – Obedience

April 9 2015


This is what happens when ordinary people listen to God’s call. On November 7, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hit landfall in the Philippines. One of the areas hit hardest by Typhoon Yolanda was Eastern Visayas. Tacloban City and the surrounding area accounted for 5,877 deaths, with more than 1,000 people missing.

Pastors Willy and Vicky Galzote were following God’s call as pastors of a church 996 kilometers away in Tarlac City when they heard the news.

Their compassionate hearts immediately ached for the people affected by the storm. When such a travesty hits, many of us hurt for those impacted.

Their desire to help was unstoppable.

Pastor Willy contacted leadership within Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines (FECPI), their denomination, in hopes of coming up with a plan.

Their desire was not to merely travel down with supplies or for a brief visit. God had convicted them to be much more, to build authentic relationships. Their call was to comfort aching hearts and offer hope.

Have you ever felt a call so strong that you were willing to leave everything?

This is what Jesus asked of those he called. “And he said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.’ Immediately they left their nets and followed him.” (Matthew 4:19-20) This is exactly the call that Pastors Willy and Vicky received. Pastors Willy and Vicky requested permission to leave the pulpit and move down to Tacloban City.

A month after Typhoon Yolanda made landfall, a group of four from FECPI and One Mission Society (OMS) traveled down to see what God was calling them to do. They had no clear contact person but went on faith that God would guide them.

Pastors Willy and the others were just looking for a clear sign on how to help the people impacted. What they found was truly from God.

To be continued…

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T&M Leadership – On the Right Track

April 6 2015

Last week, we introduced you to Train and Multiply. This church multiplication method has been used in amazing ways to advance the kingdom of God.

But how exactly does T&M work?

One important distinction between T&M and other discipleship programs is its emphasis on leadership development. While the 64 booklets include resources on evangelism and discipleship, its strength lies in the development of healthy, well-equipped leaders, who are essential to a church multiplication movement. Without solid leadership to guide new church plants, multiplication will be slow and ineffective.

An illustration of the Train and Multiply process is below:

One rail is labeled ‘pastoral work.’ Every person involved in T&M is also involved in some form of ministry. It might be a simple church, a small group, or simply working with their family and friends. They have some place to immediately apply what they are learning. T&M is not training for ministry; it is training in ministry.

The second rail is labeled ‘home study.’ A T&M participant learns through weekly study of God’s Word, the T&M Pastoral Worker Training Booklets, and practical experience. T&M booklets are simple and practical biblical training guides. They are easily accessible. They can be used anywhere, at any time, with any number of people. And they only cost what it takes to print them.

But what ties this all together are the railroad ties labeled ‘meeting with trainer.’ Each T&M participant has a trainer who provides coaching and mentoring. Meeting biweekly or monthly, this trainer guides the participant through the leadership development process. They help the student plant their pastoral work and choose what to study. The trainer also encourages and holds the participant accountable.

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What is T&M?

April 2 2015

What might happen if we could mobilize ordinary people to go into the great harvest fields at our doorsteps and start church multiplication movements?

In 2013, by the grace of God and through the ministry of One Mission Society, ordinary people did an extraordinary thing – they started more than 19,500 worshiping groups. They did this by being empowered by the Holy Spirit and by being equipped with a simple tool – Train and Multiply (T&M).

So just what is Train and Multiply?

Train and Multiply is a comprehensive leadership development program to help start and organize reproducing local churches, which can lead to a church multiplication movement.

It starts slow, with just a few people, but builds into a rapidly multiplying movement of disciples, leaders, and churches. In one-on-one or small group settings, motivated believers learn how to share their faith, how to disciple new believers, and how to gather those new disciples into healthy, growing churches. These disciples and churches then multiply themselves through 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even 5th generations. And in the process, the disciples learn how to become strong, effective leaders.

T&M is a unique, menu-based leadership training/coaching approach that provides simple, easy-to-understand biblical training guides to equip ordinary Christians to start multiplying movements of disciples, churches, and leaders.

In the next five years (2015-2020), the goal is to start 414,000 new worshiping groups with the use of Train and Multiply.

We credit a very simple truth with the success of T&M:

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they are empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped with the right tools.

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