The Bon Repos Project: A new Homes for Haiti ministry opportunity

January 30 2014

The Bon Repos Project: A new Homes for Haiti ministry opportunity

Jocelyn, a young Haitian man, has worked with the Homes for Haiti (H4H) project since the beginning. 

Joclyn When he started, he was a day laborer. But later, he received training in block laying and stucco work, so today, he leads the construction crews that lay the foundations for all the homes One Mission Society builds.

Since the beginning of H4H, we have started each work day with devotions at the work site. The Haiti work crew, and anyone else nearby, is always invited to join us. So, over the years, Jocelyn had probably heard about 225 devotions before he responded in February 2013 to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

God used countless volunteers, on many of the previous work teams, to touch Jocelyn’s heart and move him to make this life-changing decision.

Homes4Haiti-w-Flag2The January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti left hundreds of thousands of Haitians either dead or homeless across the southern portion of the country. The world immediately responded to help with rescue, health care, feeding, and short-term housing needs, including One Mission Society. But most of those groups are no longer assisting in Haiti.

In September 2010, One Mission Society launched Homes for Haiti in response to the great need for safe, reliable housing. In the past four years, OMS (through the leadership of our Men for Mission’s short-term coordinator and H4H director, Bill Evans) has sent 63 teams, with a total of 724 volunteers to build 54 homes for Haitian families. God has greatly blessed the ministry by providing the funds and work teams needed to build these homes. 

Exciting news: OMS is now taking the Homes for Haiti project to a new level! We have purchased land just north of Port au Prince, in a city called Bon Repos, a rapidly growing community. 

Whereas the initial project helped those from OMS-related churches who owned property, the new Bon Repos Project will help the people who cannot afford property or “the poorest of the poor.”  

H4H 7 houseOn this land, approximately 3.18 acres, we will build a community church, install wells, and build 35 new homes. The total cost is $600,000. God has blessed us with needed funds to purchase the property and a 1:1 matching grant for these 35 homes. Each $5,000 given will activate the matching grant and provide shelter for one of Haiti’s poorest families.

Will you consider giving to this life-changing ministry project? Your support will bring great blessing to Haitian families displaced by the earthquake and will help establish a church in this rapidly-growing area near Port au Prince, Haiti. You may donate safely and easily online. Please type in project #408063 for the Bon Repos Project, or you may send your gift directly to:

One Mission Society
PO Box 1648
Monument, CO 80132-1648

We also have opportunities in 2014 to volunteer with OMS to help build one of these houses. If you are interested in participating on a trip (as an individual or a group), please contact Bill Evans at, or register online.

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OMS Announces Next President Elect

January 24 2014

OMS Announces Next President Elect

On behalf of One Mission Society’s Board of Trustees, we would like to officially announce the next President-elect of OMS, Dr. Robert Fetherlin. Bob and his wife Esther come to us with 33 years of experience with The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). They spent 8 years serving in Mali, West Africa, and the past 25 in leadership at the C&MA national headquarters.

Bob and Esther will officially begin service with OMS on July 1, 2014. David and Lori Long and the entire OMS missionary body welcome Bob and Esther, the 10th OMS President in our 113-year history, to the OMS family. We look forward to the future and how God will use us as we serve him together by his grace and for his glory.


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Making a Difference in the Philippines

January 22 2014

Making a Difference in the Philippines

About a month ago, from December 16-20, 2013, our Every Community for Christ Philippines coordinator, Mar Ocampo, and two fellow pastors and ECC workers, Roehl Rivera and Willy Galzote took a 5-day exploratory trip to Tacloban City, Philippines, to access the damage from the November 2013 typhoon and determine how One Mission Society and our denomination of churches in the Philippines, Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines, can best help in this area. Here is a brief report from Mar.

We flew to Tacloban City on December 16 with a confidence that God would guide and help us with our exploratory mission. Before the airplane had touched the ground, we saw the panoramic view of the extent of the devastation. The ruins are indeed heartbreaking; even worse than what we have seen on the television. 

While on our way to our first destination, we saw the unbelievable destruction all around the area, plus we heard the stories from our driver on how thousands of people were killed instantly when the typhoon surge hit Tacloban City. His son, who is a policeman, was on duty at the airport, has been missing since the typhoon. 

From day one until we returned home, the trip was filled with divine meetings, being in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people.

Our future plans are to return to Tacloban City to focus our relief and rehabilitation activities, starting with purchasing corrugated metal sheets to cover the roofs of all the houses that lost them in the typhoon. The team also plans to build relationships and share the Gospel with the people. 

We hope to begin work there the first week of February 2014, but this is subject to approval of OMS and FECPI. We thank God for directing our path to all the right people we needed for future ministry connections. 

Rev. Marcos M. Ocampo, ECC Country Coordinator, Philippines

Let’s Make a Difference

This July, Dynamic Women in Missions will be partnering with the ministries of Faith Evangelical Church of the Philippines to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, who is not only the “missing piece” of the puzzle, but also the “missing peace” in people’s lives in the midst of storms.

As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to use your unique gifts, abilities, personality and life experiences to minister to and alongside Filipino women and children.  Opportunities may include children's ministry, leading and sharing in praise and worship services, outreaches, mini-retreats for women, teaching values education classes in a local high school, and encouraging Filipino women in ministry. Total cost is approximately $2,700. If interested, please contact Dynamic Women today at

Donations are also still needed. We have set up account #408056 ― Asia Pacific Typhoon Relief fund to receive donations. OMS will distribute funds to our regional partners and ministries as funds become available. 

To give online, go to and use account #408056 in the project box, or send a check to One Mission Society, P.O. Box 1648, Monument, CO 80132-1648, and on the memo line put “#408056 ― Asia Pacific Typhoon Relief.”

Thank you for your support through finances and prayers for the victims, missionaries, and ministries in this region.

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Longing for God

January 13 2014

Longing for God

O Anseio is the title of a book OMS missionaries, Mel and Fran Noah, hand out to the people in cemeteries on the Day of the Dead in Brazil. Out of love for mankind, they hand out a book to the people there to pray for their loved ones, who had already passed on. Mel and Fran wrote that “O Anseio” translates as “The Longing.” The book compares the longing each person has for God with the newborn sea turtles seeking the ocean. 

When I consider the spiritual application, I believe humans have a natural longing for God, but it seems logic or reason may prevent us from utilizing our instincts to find the Light of the world. Because we have the ability to think and utilize reasoning skills, choosing to move toward Him indicates we have made a conscious decision to follow our natural longing to be with Him. 

For the people who have already passed away, there is not another opportunity to make the decision to make peace with God by believing that Jesus is the Savior and the Way to God. Mel and Fran serve in Brazil to help Brazilians find the Way to the Light of the world, Jesus. Just like sea turtles are drawn to the ocean, they were drawn first to God, and then followed a longing to tell others about Jesus.

The world just celebrated Christmas and one of the most beloved carols is really a call to missions: “Joy to the world…let every heart prepare him room.” Our mission, as Christians, is to go and tell others “the glories of his righteousness and wonders of his love” so that people might be drawn to believe in God and accept Jesus as Savior. This is what the ministries of One Mission Society do every day, not just at Christmastime. The missionaries serving with OMS have felt a longing to tell others about Jesus and have taken proactive steps to go and tell. Some serve overseas, and some serve at home. 

What about you? Do you have a longing to share the Truth with others when you read our blog or hear the stories on the radio? We need help in reaching the nations. Do you have a longing to go and share your faith by becoming a missionary?

―Beth Jordal, OMS Missionary serving in Communications

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