So Be It...

March 25 2013

So Be It...

Living the American Christian dream, Danny and Julie Beasley thought they were living fully for the Lord. Danny served the Lord in full-time ministry at a church, and Julie worked as a Certified Public Accountant, mentoring young women, as time allowed.

Julie typically choose to work in small accounting firms that allowed her flexible working hours, enabling her to schedule ministry opportunities during the day. But when Danny received a promotion with UPS, the Beasleys moved to St. Louis, and Julie accepted a position at a larger accounting firm.

This larger firm meant more pay, but it also meant more responsibility and more hours. Slowly, the time devoted to mentoring young women and other ministry eroded, and life was becoming more and more unfulfilling for Julie.

With an increasing desire to work less and serve more, Julie’s prayer became, “Call me or leave me alone, God!” While praying through and studying John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer, the phrase “so be it” kept playing in Julie’s head.

This phrase culminated at their church’s revival service in the coming weeks. Julie, needing to turn everything over to God, took her CPA license and laid it on the altar. She prayed that God would make His call clear in her life, and she was willing to be obedient no matter what the result.

Several months later, Julie joined coworkers for a day of service at a park in a crime-ridden area of the city. Julie went, hoping to find people in the neighborhood to tell about Jesus.

She ran into a gap-toothed man named Isaiah. When she realized he was a Christian, they talked about the ministries in this area of the city. Before long, Isaiah nervously said he thought he had a Word from the Lord for her. He said that the Lord knew the desires of her heart―that He has heard her prayers and that He would answer them. Julie knew her answer was to come soon.

That weekend was their church’s mission conference. During the Sunday morning service, M.L. Hillard spoke, and Julie felt like her heart was being ripped out. After the service, Danny went to a Sunday school class and heard One Mission Society missionary Warren Hardig speak about missions in Haiti.

Right in the middle of Warren’s talk, not really fitting in with what was being said, Warren said, “OMS really needs accountants on the field." After Danny told Julie this, she was hooked.

Danny, on the other hand, was not. Danny did not have the same peace as Julie, but he was willing to follow her where God was calling her. He went to bed asking God for the same peace that Julie showed.

The next morning, Danny opened his daily devotional to a study on Exodus. The selected passage said “So now go, I am sending you …” Danny felt his call confirmed.

Danny and Julie Beasley soon leave for language school in Costa Rica before heading to Ecuador to serve in full-time ministry with OMS.


Are you tired of living the American version of the Christian life? Are you ready for a new challenge in your life? Are you ready to use the gifts that God has given you to further the work of God’s kingdom? Contact the Mobilization Team at OMS to learn how you can have a story that ends up similar to Danny and Julie’s.

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From Gang Life to a Life With Jesus

March 18 2013

From Gang Life to a Life With Jesus

Growing up in a poor home in Medellín, Colombia, Alex learned from a very young age how to clean, carry and fire guns. With a father who was a criminal, Alex was expected to grow up into this same life.

During his adolescent years, Alex’s father joined the FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or People’s Army, which is a Colombian Marxist-Leninist revolutionary guerrilla organization involved in the continuing Colombian armed conflict since 1964. Many of Alex’s brothers joined their father in this guerilla fighting.

After joining a gang, Alex started following in his father’s footsteps, living the life of a criminal. Alex was given several “jobs” to do, as he was learning to be a hit man for this gang and the drug cartel. He was destined to become a permanent member of the hit squad of the cartel or a member of the FARC.

Like many young people in Colombia, Alex had three passions―guns, girls and soccer, probably in that order. Although Alex loved the first two, he would never pass up an opportunity to play soccer.

One of his friends invited him to try out for a soccer team. At the first practice, his coach began by telling Alex and the other teammates that God loved them and that the coach personally cared for each member of the team.

The word LOVE had never been spoken in Alex’s house, at least not by his parent’s saying that they loved him or cared for him. Something started changing inside of Alex.

Through this ministry at the OMS-related Christian Union Sports Club (CUSC), Alex learned about Jesus, and put his trust in Him. After receiving word that his son had made this life-changing decision, a decision to turn away from the guns and the gangs, Alex’s father beat him and threatened to kill him.

These actions did not stop Alex’s passion for his new belief or for the ministry of CUSC. Alex moved up the ranks in the CUSC from a player, to assistant coach, to coach. He now serves as the director of the sports program and is working toward his doctorate in sports ministry, continuing to use soccer to help kids turn toward Jesus.

Would you like to see more children from Colombia come to know Jesus? Would you donate to help this ministry continue to change the lives of people like Alex. Without CUSC, Alex would either be dead, in prison or still living his life as a criminal.

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Award-winning Radio 4VEH Offers Lifeline to Haitians

March 11 2013

Award-winning Radio 4VEH Offers Lifeline to Haitians

Up to 80 percent of people in Haiti can't read or write well enough to cope with daily life. Radio stations play a vital role in many aspects of life for the Haitian people, including the expansion of the Gospel.

Fifty-five years ago, One Mission Society realized the opportunities that partnering with Radio 4VEH could have. Soon after, OMS owned and operated this radio station in the north of Haiti.

In addition to the daily Bible readings, Christian music and preaching, Radio 4VEH’s daily announcements about the weather and health information have become a lifeline to the community.

During the earthquake of 2010, this lifeline was put to the test. Not knowing what was happening, many Haitians turned to Radio 4VEH to receive up-to-the-minute details, informing them what had occurred and how they should respond. Not only did the Haitians receive this practical information, they also were given the Good News of Jesus Christ, the only one who could truly save them.

Radio 4VEH was recently honored by the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) by receiving the NRB International Radio Ministry Award. According to the NRB, this award is presented to an organization that excels in radio ministry while demonstrating effectiveness in impacting the culture with the Gospel.

Pre-tuned, solar powered radios are distributed free of charge throughout the listening area. Not only do these Haitians receive a radio that can broadcast Radio 4VEH, they receive a Gospel presentation, giving them a chance to receive the true lifeline, Jesus Christ. 

Would you like to see Radio 4VEH continue to help Haitians living in the northern part of the country receive the true lifeline? Become a monthly partner with this ministry or give a special gift today so that the broadcasts can continue to provide life-saving information.

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Catching the Missions Vision

March 6 2013

Catching the Missions Vision

“I just need to catch the vision.” said J.

That morning, I’d had coffee with A. He and his wife J. are interested in serving with OMS in the South Pacific. A. is a worship pastor, and J. is considering HOPE61. Her husband’s heart has been captured after several trips to the South Pacific, but J. has only made the trip once. They had me over for supper that evening to discuss HOPE61’s mission in greater detail. After watching the HOPE61 video, we each shared our stories of God’s calling. J. is a sweet, godly woman, willing to go to the South Pacific again and be given the same burden that her husband feels. I asked her to pray that, on this trip, God will reveal how He could use HOPE61 there.

I’ve been in Australia just three weeks, but God began His work through HOPE61 long before my arrival. He spoke to A. and J., and I believe He’s speaking to more people who I have yet to meet. HOPE61 in Australia starts with Australians like A. and J. whose hearts are open to God’s call that they would, “Learn to do justice...” (Isaiah 1:17). 

God can do more than we could ever ask or imagine, and I trust Him to do that in my four months “Down Under.” He can raise up an OMS Australia prayer warrior with a special burden for HOPE61. He can raise up several new OMS missionaries called to serve with HOPE61. He can increase hope and justice here. 

Whether you’re Australian or French, American or Mexican, God asks all His people to care for those vulnerable to slavery. Is God calling you to serve with HOPE61 as we work together to prevent human trafficking? Are you called to GO?

―Emily Rinehart, OMS missionary, serving with HOPE61 in Australia for four months, then to Ireland

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Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

March 4 2013

Is God Calling You To Be a Missionary?

Luke 10:2 is a well-worn passage of Scripture we live and breathe daily at One Mission Society.  Jesus’ instruction to his disciples before launching them out was, 

The harvest is great, but the workers are few.  So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.

Did you know that in the original language, the word ask means to beg or plead?  And the phrase to send out is the same original language Jesus used when he sent out the money changers from the temple in Matthew 21:12 and when he cast out a demon from a man in Luke 11:14.  In both cases, the casting out was done against their wills.

So, how is Jesus asking us to pray according to Luke 10:2?

If you look at the original language in the New Testament, Jesus is saying, “Beg me to kick out Christians into the mission field.  And if they’re wavering or hesitant, ask me to kick them out even if it means against their will.  There’s plenty of work to be done.”   

We pray that prayer earnestly each and every day as we mobilize others to take the Gospel to all parts of the world.  Keep in mind that we’re not asking OMS or the Mobilization department at our world headquarters to kick out Christians.  We’re asking The Lord of the Harvests to do that!  

Is God calling you to be a missionary? Is He kicking you into the mission field? Is He calling you to go, give, or pray for the harvest?

Check out OMS’ opportunities to serve, or contact mobilization to request information about how you can get involved.

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Are You Ready to Be Changed?

March 4 2013

Are You Ready to Be Changed?

"I didn’t know what I was getting into …" Olivia said as she remembered her trip to Ecuador almost a year ago. She participated on a Mother-Daughter short-term mission trip with Dynamic Women in Missions, a ministry of OMS.

Eighteen women flew to Ecuador and then traveled by bus to Camp Pallatanga, which is tucked in a beautiful valley at the base of the Andes mountain range in Ecuador. It was in this beautiful location where we hosted “His Princess Bride” retreat for the women of Ecuador.

Those from the United States roomed with an Ecuadorian family, giving challenges to both sides. Although the language barrier did not allow for verbal communication, they were able show appreciation and joy to each other in different ways.

The team of women from the United States went to help facilitate this retreat and help those from Ecuador to feel special. What they did not realize is that their lives were going to be forever changed as well.

One of the team members, Barbara, said that this trip caused a revival in her heart. Before the trip, she had no desire to work on the mission field, but she is now exploring how God can continue to use her, whether just in the summers or full-time.

Are you someone who is ready to join other women on a life-changing trip? Do you want to use your gifts and talents to help people around the world for one week, two weeks or even more?

Join an OMS Dynamic Women or Men for Missions team. Be prepared to have a life-changing experience. God may just be calling you to be a missionary for the rest of your life!

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