The Gift That Goes On Giving

January 28 2013

The Gift That Goes On Giving

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. ―2 Corinthians 9:15

When I think of gifts that require a huge sacrifice, I remember a meal in the mountains of Mexico. I was translator for a medical team that was giving free medical clinics to people in a little town and the surrounding villages. I had the dubious honor of holding the bucket for a dentist as he extracted teeth.

At the end of the week, the people of the town wanted to show their appreciation. A goat was brought into the village square, slaughtered and then, cooked by a method totally new to me.

The men dug a pit in the ground and built a fire of mesquite wood. Then, they layered huge green leaves with the goat meat and covered the pit with dirt. By evening, we had a tasty meal of goat meat and tortillas.

The value of the goat was a man’s salary for two weeks. Knowing the people of this town lived in one-room houses, with dirt floors and no electricity or running water, I counted that meal as one of the most sacrificial gifts I had ever received.

When Jesus died for our sins on a cross, He gave the ultimate gift – the sacrifice of His life. He gave up the glory of heaven to live on Earth. Unlike the gift of the goat supper, however, the sacrificial gift of Jesus’ death keeps on giving.

On average, every 26 seconds around the world of One Mission Society, someone new learns about Jesus dying on the cross, accepts it and becomes a child of God.

By: Gail O'Connor

What will you sacrifice to give to the Lord? Are you called to give financially, go in faith or pray fervently?

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HOPE61 in Thailand

January 21 2013

HOPE61 in Thailand

When Bethany Ury interned with HOPE61 the ministry was brand new, and Bethany’s future was unclear. Years later came October 2012 – and an acceptance letter to work with OMS as a HOPE61 trainer. What happened in between was God’s glorious hand at work.

In 2010 Bethany spent four months in Thailand. Later she spent a year in Thailand with a ministry sharing the love of Jesus Christ with Thailand’s "ladyboys," a group vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. In Thailand God gave Bethany a scripture that spoke to her heart.

I, the LORD, have called You in righteousness, And will hold Your hand; I will keep You... To open blind eyes, To bring out prisoners from the prison, Those who sit in darkness from the prison house. - Isaiah 42:6-7

This scripture continues to motivate Bethany as she looks forward to returning to Thailand. Bethany is eager to be a part of expanding OMS’ work in Thailand and to work with a church she previously attended in Bangkok. Currently, Bethany is on staff at the OMS student center of Asbury College and will soon begin fundraising. Bethany also considers her experiences as a HOPE61 intern to be preparation for what God has called her to now. As an intern Bethany helped to write training materials that have been used in various African countries and also gained experience in publicly sharing the HOPE61 vision.

"I’ve known for a while that I was called to be in ministry overseas." she said.

While visiting OMS headquarters this summer Bethany "Saw that HOPE61 had grown since I’d been an intern; the vision expanded,"

If every red light district was shut down today, another would exist tomorrow. The Bible’s truth is that man is sinful, depraved – and Jesus Christ is our only hope. Among so many anti-human trafficking groups, HOPE61 is unique for its mission to use the Gospel as the chief tool for human trafficking prevention.

"Ultimately that’s going to be what changes the face of modern day slavery."

As Bethany prepares to serve in Thailand, she considers justice to be "the love and righteousness of God expressed through our efforts to heal and restore brokenness." And for her, living in freedom "means living to the full expression of who God made us to be...not held back by anything,"

Will you pray that God continues to prepare Bethany to share His freedom in Thailand?

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Off the Streets – Finally

January 14 2013

Off the Streets – Finally

Abandoned by her mom at the age of four, Sandra spent the next two years shuffled between different homes. At the young age of six, she moved permanently to the streets.

Life was difficult as years of abuse followed. As a result of the street boys using her, she gave birth to two children on streets.

Sandra lived on the streets with her two children, Samatha (6) and Adan (4). This was until they met José Luis.

José Luis led a rough life as well, ending up in prison. When Sandra and José Luis met, a love connection started. This led to the first wedding held at MEFI. MEFI is a ministry of OMS which works with the local church in Mexico City to help homeless children and young people survive this life.

MEFI worked off and on with Sandra over a 14 year period and worked with José Luis since he left prison. Because of this work, both of them are off of the streets and off of drugs, starting their new married life on the right foot.

This couple has turned from the street and their life of sin to a newly formed marriage, keeping Christ as the center of it. They have also become integral parts of their extended families lives, as they also put their faith in Jesus.

God worked in this couple’s life through MEFI and other avenues even when they were in the gutter without a hope. Would you come alongside MEFI to help see more people leave life on the streets and come to know the Lord. A gift of $25 per month would go a long way to help see this ministry continue for another year.

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From Mud Huts to Church Planters

January 7 2013

From Mud Huts to Church Planters

Silas and Rahab Waweru both grew up in mud huts in the heart of Kenya, not having much as they were growing up. After much hard work, they were able to go to college and earn degrees as teachers. Soon they both had jobs as teachers in Kenya.

Even though Silas and Rahab were discouraged by their families and friends to quit their good jobs as teachers, they both felt God calling them to go to seminary. How could they give up the security of a good paying job and go into a career that provided little security, as least humanly speaking?

This time did not come without struggle, but they realized that God was their only security. He provided for their physical needs at just the needed time and provided the emotional support as well, as three of their four children died.

God eventually provided Silas and Rahab the opportunity to come to the United States so they could attend Asbury Theological Seminary. Silas received a Ph.D. in intercultural studies, while Rahab earned a bachelor of science degree in management and ethics.

This is where they learned about and became a part of One Mission Society. Today they serve OMS in Kenya, supervising the Village Church Planting program there, as well as helping in theological training of indigenous leaders working in various compassionate ministries.

By answering the call to give up their “security,” Silas and Rahab are able to do amazing things for God in their home country of Kenya. They have been given many opportunities to come to the United States and experience a different life. However, their heart and ministry is still in Kenya with the Kenyan people.

As they rely on God for all of their needs, is God asking to you come alongside these church planters and financially help with their work? If so, please give to their ministry, allowing more Kenyans to come to know Jesus.


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