Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: the Experiences of a Dog-eating Man!

August 28 2013

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: the Experiences of a Dog-eating Man!

“It’s spicy duck,” my translator said. So, I took a few pieces of the dark meat in a rich sauce, rolled it in some rice, popped it in my mouth, and enjoyed every mouthful. Two days later, a fellow OMS worker asked, “How’d you like the stir-fried dog?

” My response was considered and careful. “Dog! No, it was duck … wasn’t it?” Well, whether it was lost in translation or not, my daily bread that meal was a little unusual but sufficient to see me through another day. That was my last day at an OMS Bible college in the South Pacific region. 

I spent two weeks teaching, preaching, and visiting OMS-related ministries in November 2012. What an experience! The opportunity to visit a Bible college and interact with eager students and godly lecturers challenged me more than I expected. I prayed, laughed, spoke, listened, and learned more than I taught. I heard about the life these national Christians have to lead in a religious, political, and social environment that is difficult, to say the least. 

So, what did I do and see during this visit to the South Pacific?

•Attended 12 lectures on missions, based on John 3:16 – the world needs to hear the Gospel!

•Witnessed 1 pastors’ training day, relearning that Christians all over the world face similar problems within church life and pastors generally bear the weight for their congregations (we need to pray for them).

•Participated in a college staff retreat, which offered an opportunity for busy and stressed workers to step aside and meet with God, share with each other, pray, talk, and be built up in their faith.

•Preached at two local OMS-related churches – what joy I experienced from these fellow believers, full of God’s love despite their difficulties.

•Visited an evangelism project where vegetable farming has led to witnessing within a farming community that has never heard the Gospel.

Visiting this OMS field to teach and preach gave me an opportunity to draw closer to 

God, to understand more of what OMS missionaries sacrifice, and to be reminded of the vastness of the task in which we are involved. 

I thank God for the opportunity to share, but even more so, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from those with whom I interacted. I can’t wait to return in October 2013.

―Chris Palmer, regional director for South Wales & West England UK    

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The Blind Will See...and Hear

August 26 2013

The Blind Will See...and Hear

In Dec 2012, I was with a team made up of university students from the Indy area, my daughter Shelly, daughter Kim and her family of six. We were going to Haiti to build a Homes for Haiti house. The home was for Randishe and Santhia, along with their young son Johnny. We didn't get the home finished in December, but I returned with a team from Colorado in early January and finished the home. During these two trips, I fell in love with this family. Randishe works at a school, and Santhia sells things to help earn money. 

They were very much a part of the working team on this home. Randishe helped carry things and do whatever when not at school. Santhia carried water all daylong for the cement work, which was a long steep walk. When Santhia found we liked local coffee, she not only carried water to the site but brought us coffee each day. 

We met the extended family members of this couple, several of whom would be living with them in this new home. One of these family members is Randishe's sister Beatrice. Beatrice is in her late 20s and has been blind since birth. She lost her mother when she was several months old. The day of the house dedication, I was visiting with Beatrice and asked her what God was doing in her life. Her response was how God was blessing her with friends. She said, "I never get discouraged." Later, one of the team asked about the earthquake and if she was scared. Beatrice replied, "Why would you be afraid when you have Jesus?"

The house was finished and we returned home. I shared with several the story of the blind girl, and OMS MK, Sharon Mishler, told me that a group from North Carolina sent in an audio Bible to be used. She said the NC team didn't have time to give it to her, which was OK with me as I would be going in February with a team from Philadelphia and some from Sabetha, Kansas, and could take it to her. That was a fun day as another team had the chance to meet the family and present her with the audio Bible. She loved it. Two days later, they let us know it quit working so we picked it up and brought it home. I went back in March, so I brought a new one. Again, another team got to meet her and fell in love with her as well. As we presented it to her, it was neat to watch her other brother guide her fingers over the box to turn it on and off. Beatrice loved the new Bible “box.”

Two months later, home in Kansas on a rainy day, I thought of her and many people who got to meet her. I felt a little of a God nudge, so I called to see if the audio was still working on her radio and to see how she was doing. When she heard my voice, she was excited and knew right away who it was and wondered how all my family was doing. She asked about the different team members that had been there as she didn't realize how far it is from Kansas to Colorado and then to Arizona. Beatrice said everyone was doing well in the family and that the new Bible box was working great. 

I want to thank everyone who worked on the different teams, those who gave the audio Bible, those who gave funds―for touching a special family, and a very special young lady. The H4H project has touched many lives, those in Haiti, as well as the lives of those who have given and those who have gone.

―Bill Glace, One Mission Society Board member and super volunteer

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Praying for Mozambique

August 16 2013

Praying for Mozambique

Susan Weil and her husband, Larry, have been ministering in Mozambique since One Mission Society began ministry there 17 years ago. They have watched the Mozambican people spiritually mature as God has worked … and continues to work His powerful hand. 

Mozambique is a country on the rise. Growing economically, the cities crowd during a political situation that is fairly stable, and the people of Mozambique are seeing a new hope. 

Even so, tradition still has a strangle-like hold on many Mozambicans. The witchcraft culture, perpetuated by the elders in their communities, keeps the temptation to return back to the old ways constant. 

Susan requests prayer for the church leaders in Mozambique regarding their spiritual journey and growth with the Lord.

She also asks for prayer for the students of the Christian Academy of Mozambique (CAM). While it is an international, Christian school, there are many new families that will be attending who do not have Jesus in their lives. Pray that the other students and faculty of the school will be a testimony to them. Pray that these new children would see this faith as not simply something good or interesting about the school but as a real and loving relationship they can take and own for themselves.

In addition, she requests prayer for the seminary students. Pray that they would continue to live their faith outside of the seminary. 

Finally, she asks for prayer for the Mozambique missionary team. Pray for good health, unity and strength so they can carry out God’s mission to the fullest during their time there. 


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A God Moment on a Short-term Trip

August 6 2013

A God Moment on a Short-term Trip

I fall in love with Haiti more and more each time I fly into that beautiful, mountainous country. This year, was my third consecutive summer traveling to Haiti on a short-term mission trip. I was thrilled to change things up this summer as I went with OMS to distribute solar radios and share the Gospel (my previous two summers I served in an orphanage).

The radios we passed out connect to OMS' Radio 4VEH, a Christian radio station in Cap Haitien. The radios also include an audio Bible in Haitian Creole. We went from home to home with our translator, ready to share the Gospel and give the gift of a radio as a growing tool. My prayer was that God would give me the words to say to the beautiful people I was sharing the Good News with. Although it was a challenging experience, it was so rewarding. Many came to know the Lord because God was working through us.

Sharing the Gospel in Haiti left me feeling convicted. It occurred to me that I had been preparing to share the Gospel in Haiti for weeks, praying that God would give me the words to say. I became more active in my prayer life and made sure I was in the Word for my mission trip. But...why don't I do that at home in the States? Why is it easy for me to share the Gospel in Haiti, but not in my own country? Telling others about Jesus isn't limited to a mission trip. Sharing the Gospel in Haiti left me with an urgency to share the news of our Savior, and since then, I have had the opportunity to share with one of my coworkers. 

My second prayer for my Haiti 2013 trip was that I would truly feel God's presence. 

Our team traveled to Mirebalias, another city in Haiti, to distribute more radios. What was originally estimated at 4 hours quickly turned into 11 due to flooded rivers, road conditions, and a broken bridge. When we approached the broken bridge, we knew it was going to take awhile to figure out our options, so our team climbed out of the cattle truck and engaged with all the Haitians that had gathered to see us. We played with the kids, and our team leader preached the Gospel.

Shortly before leaving, a little girl's dress caught my eye. I nudged the other girls to look at her dress, not even noticing the little girl's face. When I did, I couldn't believe it was Louisiana- the 8-month-old baby I had fallen in love with on my Haiti trip in 2011. I have prayed for her since that time. Now, almost 3 years old, I got to talk with her caretaker and explain how I knew her. I cried as we left that broken bridge. It was a total God thing -- I have never felt His presence like that. How amazing, that this 11-hour trip, which seemed to be going all wrong, was perfectly orchestrated by God. He had a plan! He answered my prayers.

--Short-term missionary, Emily Loy 

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Field Hockey and Jesus in Trinidad

August 5 2013

Field Hockey and Jesus in Trinidad

His name is Peter, a life-long Trinidadian beach bum with only a pair of shorts and a worn-out guitar to his name. He wanted to sing to our group for money to supply his alcohol and drug habit. With the exchange of a few unpleasantries, he obviously knew our national leader and knew that she was a Christian. He didn't want her interfering with his new prospects. His song turned to questions, and he began challenging our beliefs. He had obviously been evangelized as he sang Amazing Grace and talked about God.

Then, his anger, bitterness and rage reared its ugly, monstrous face as he cursed God and His ways over and over again. It would have normally frightened me, but I felt a peace as his dark, lost eyes pierced my very soul. It was then that I saw the reflection of what my soul would be like if it weren't for Jesus Christ.

Again, I was reminded that I am a sinner in need of a Savior, and it doesn't matter how much I clean up on the outside, it’s my soul that has an eternal destination. 

We never expected to meet Peter the first day of our short-term mission trip to Trinidad. I had joined the Houghton College women’s field hockey team as they desired to share their love of field hockey and their love for the Lord to those in Trinidad.

There were field hockey games, a sports clinic and a tournament. But as we quickly learned, field hockey was to be the conduit for God’s plan in each of our lives. We found ourselves learning of the work that God has been doing in Trinidad through an organization called, Is There Not A Cause. The team shared testimonies of how God has been working in their lives. They shared the love of Jesus with women and children in the rural areas. They encouraged and prayed for young girls at a school. But it was Peter’s presence that permeated our week to motivate us to continue to do what God is calling us to do.

I would love to tell you that Peter came to know the Lord in a personal way that day, but there was no evidence of that, which makes this missionary heart mourn and grief over eternal death and separation from God. But it empowers me to persevere in going, doing and giving whatever God is calling me to do.

--OMS missionary, Cindy Tankersley

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