Wonder Wheels

November 7 2018

Winny recently celebrated her 10th birthday. The staff of Helping Hands first met her in December 2016. She and her mom Sandra had been in a hospital waiting room when the family next to them told them about the upcoming Helping Hands event to celebrate International Day of Disability. Sandra and Winny came!

Winny was born unable to walk.

After her birth, she became very sick and was in a coma for a long time. Doctors say it’s a miracle that she survived. She lives with her mom and younger sister. Her father abandoned the family because of her disability.

In Mozambique, it’s common for the father to abandon his child and wife/partner if he discovers that he/she has a disability, thus putting an even great financial strain on the mom.

When we visited Winny’s family, we saw a small baby stroller with a missing wheel in their yard.

This is what the family had been using to move her. Over time, we built a relationship with the family and were able to provide Winny with her first wheelchair, along with much-needed diapers.

We have shared Bible verses of encouragement and prayed with the family every time we visited. I remember one visit when we provided the girls with some clothes and Sandra started crying saying “No one ever notices my children like this.”

Now, Sandra and Winny and the extended family attend one of our churches and feel loved and accepted. Members of the church take turns pushing Winny in her wheelchair through the deep sand.

Sandra and Winny also started attending our monthly parent group where Sandra has met other parents facing similar situations. She has stepped up as a great volunteer in the ministry. We prayed for many months that Winny would be accepted into a school. Praise the Lord! Winny will begin school for the first time ever in January 2019!

Could you help a family in need like Winny’s? $250 covers the cost of one wheelchair that will change the life of someone in Mozambique.

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