​What Might Happen ... With Great Training

April 21 2015

Rinse & Repeat. Most shampoo bottles recommend doing this for the best results. When you want the best results in reaching the unreached, the best method is Train & Multiply. When Willy and Vicky moved to Tacloban City, training was not anywhere on their immediate radar. God had called them to be there for the people post-typhoon and to share their faith in Jesus. They quickly discovered that preparation through training was necessary as the ministry was growing at a remarkable pace.

In June of 2014, they attended training in a process called Train & Multiply (T&M). When implemented properly, this method is producing much fruit. The three-day training equipped Pastors Willy and Vicky to open many new doors in Tacloban City. Instead of trying to disciple everyone, they are now able to train a team. This is similar to the way Jesus demonstrated to us, working with the 12 disciples.

In January, Pastors Willy and Vicky facilitated training for 13 people. On one end of the spectrum, they had highly educated individuals (a college professor, a retired regional social worker, a teacher, and a retired teacher, and a couple of barangay {neighborhood} officials). At the other end, they had individuals who struggled with the learning process. What a wild range of participants. Willy and Vicky did a superb job of handling both groups well. Excitement pulsated through the room when people shared their vision maps. Willy and Vicky are currently working with groups in 7 areas or regions. They could have 7-8 more areas if these lay people follow through on their goals and visions.

Train & Multiply was instrumental in One Mission Society and our partners starting 25,565 new worshiping groups in 2014. Pastors Willy and Vicky are a true testament to what might happen if we could mobilize ordinary people to go out into the harvest fields.

By Shane Christopher, Development Officer, Every Community for Christ

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