Train & Multiply: On the Right Track

April 7 2015

Last week, we introduced you to Train & Multiply. This church multiplication method has been used in amazing ways to advance the kingdom of God.

But how exactly does T&M work?

One important distinction between T&M and other discipleship programs is its emphasis on leadership development. While the 64 booklets include resources on evangelism and discipleship, its strength lies in the development of healthy, well-equipped leaders, who are essential to a church multiplication movement. Without solid leadership to guide new church plants, multiplication will be slow and ineffective.

Here is an illustration of the Train & Multiply process:

One rail is labeled “pastoral work.” Every person involved in T&M is also involved in some form of ministry. It might be a simple church, a small group, or simply working with their family and friends. They have some place to immediately apply what they are learning. T&M is not training for ministry, it is training in ministry.

The second rail is labeled “home study.” A T&M participant learns through weekly study of God’s Word, the T&M pastoral worker training booklets, and practical experience. T&M booklets are simple and practical biblical training guides. They are easily accessible. They can be used anywhere, at any time, with any number of people. And they only cost what it takes to print them.

But what ties this all together are the railroad ties labeled “meeting with trainer.” Each T&M participant has a trainer who provides coaching and mentoring. Meeting biweekly or monthly, this trainer guides the participant through the leadership development process. They help the student plant their pastoral work and choose what to study. The trainer also encourages and holds the participant accountable.

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