So Be It...

March 25 2013

So Be It...

Living the American Christian dream, Danny and Julie Beasley thought they were living fully for the Lord. Danny served the Lord in full-time ministry at a church, and Julie worked as a Certified Public Accountant, mentoring young women, as time allowed.

Julie typically choose to work in small accounting firms that allowed her flexible working hours, enabling her to schedule ministry opportunities during the day. But when Danny received a promotion with UPS, the Beasleys moved to St. Louis, and Julie accepted a position at a larger accounting firm.

This larger firm meant more pay, but it also meant more responsibility and more hours. Slowly, the time devoted to mentoring young women and other ministry eroded, and life was becoming more and more unfulfilling for Julie.

With an increasing desire to work less and serve more, Julie’s prayer became, “Call me or leave me alone, God!” While praying through and studying John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer, the phrase “so be it” kept playing in Julie’s head.

This phrase culminated at their church’s revival service in the coming weeks. Julie, needing to turn everything over to God, took her CPA license and laid it on the altar. She prayed that God would make His call clear in her life, and she was willing to be obedient no matter what the result.

Several months later, Julie joined coworkers for a day of service at a park in a crime-ridden area of the city. Julie went, hoping to find people in the neighborhood to tell about Jesus.

She ran into a gap-toothed man named Isaiah. When she realized he was a Christian, they talked about the ministries in this area of the city. Before long, Isaiah nervously said he thought he had a Word from the Lord for her. He said that the Lord knew the desires of her heart―that He has heard her prayers and that He would answer them. Julie knew her answer was to come soon.

That weekend was their church’s mission conference. During the Sunday morning service, M.L. Hillard spoke, and Julie felt like her heart was being ripped out. After the service, Danny went to a Sunday school class and heard One Mission Society missionary Warren Hardig speak about missions in Haiti.

Right in the middle of Warren’s talk, not really fitting in with what was being said, Warren said, “OMS really needs accountants on the field." After Danny told Julie this, she was hooked.

Danny, on the other hand, was not. Danny did not have the same peace as Julie, but he was willing to follow her where God was calling her. He went to bed asking God for the same peace that Julie showed.

The next morning, Danny opened his daily devotional to a study on Exodus. The selected passage said “So now go, I am sending you …” Danny felt his call confirmed.

Danny and Julie Beasley soon leave for language school in Costa Rica before heading to Ecuador to serve in full-time ministry with OMS.


Are you tired of living the American version of the Christian life? Are you ready for a new challenge in your life? Are you ready to use the gifts that God has given you to further the work of God’s kingdom? Contact the Mobilization Team at OMS to learn how you can have a story that ends up similar to Danny and Julie’s.

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