Seminary Classes Practical for Ministry

March 17 2016

Vasiliy Kazennyh is excited about Jesus. He is a student at the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary (MECS). Vasiliy recognizes the value of his classes at MECS and how they will help him in his future ministry. He says he chose MECS because it is so local church oriented. The seminary emphasizes being involved IN ministry WHILE studying. Vasily says each class is relevant to practical ministry situations.

Vasily is also involved in ministry at his church, training the school-aged children in evangelism. He says one of his favorite parts of this ministry is seeing these tender souls accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

He also volunteers at a charity shop to help in the community and his fellow MECS students. Vasily says, "Our students come from all over Russia and the former Soviet Union. They are poor. To cover their basic needs, we collect used clothes, shoes, etc. and distribute them (at a fraction of the cost) among the needy students. (All the proceeds help support ministries of the seminary.)"

Thank you for advancing the kingdom of God in Russia through the Moscow Seminary!

OMS began work in Russia in 1993, sending short-term teams with CoMission. We then inaugurated MECS in September 1993.

The students of MECS are special … and are becoming the leaders of the Russian church and the nation.

If you'd like to support MECS and students like Vasily, give here.

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