Sacrificial Service

June 29 2015

S* is a bi-vocational worker in the Caribbean. She wanted to attend Train & Multiply training in the capital, so she would leave her nursing job around 10 p.m. and travel through the night to receive training on Saturday. She would then travel through the night back to her city for church on Sunday. There are many new groups in her church, and it is being used for multiple services.

After a time, the ministry grew so much that S* quit her job. She dedicated all of her time to evangelism and discipleship, without receiving a salary. She also volunteered to travel to an outlying remote town to conduct a training center in a local church. The people in this town are farmers, and the 6 to 8 hours of travel one way to the city is much too far.

This devoted servant’s story is echoed in her fellow workers. Many have quit their jobs and depend on the Lord to provide so that they can work full time in ministry. In one city, 23 of the 26 leaders have followed this model.

Tags: evangelism; discipleship; god's provision