Opposition Faced

December 10 2012

Opposition Faced

Someone who has made a decision to follow Jesus is often faced with resentment and hatred. This is the case with Jacky.

Earlier this year, a member of the Evangelical Church of Vaudreuil, the church located near the One Mission Society compound in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, shared the Gospel with Jacky. He immediately accepted Christ as his Savior.

Then, the opposition started. Jacky’s father abandoned him as a result of this decision.

Where could Jacky turn to receive daily reminders that his Heavenly Father would not abandon him? Radio 4VEH, the OMS radio ministry in Haiti, if only he had a radio to listen to.

Since 1950, Radio 4VEH has been broadcasting the Good News of Jesus. Located just outside of Cap-Haitien, its broadcasts reach a potential of close to 1 million listeners.

Through the Resounding Hope project, One Mission Society is raising funds to provide solar-powered radios, which are pre-tuned to Radio 4VEH. These radios also include a copy of the audio Bible in Creole.

As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, many Haitians do not even have a radio to listen to.  By handing out solar-powered radios, Radio 4VEH can be heard even in the most remote villages in Haiti.

With every $60 donation made, a Gospel presentation will be made to a Haitian needing to know Christ, a radio will be placed in the hands of this person, and Radio 4VEH will be ensured to continue to broadcast. Would you be willing to help encourage Jacky, and others like him, as they try to walk closer with the Lord?

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