Preventing Human Trafficking in Mozambique

April 15 2013

Preventing Human Trafficking in Mozambique

We recently received an email from an OMS national coworker in Mozambique that encouraged those of us serving with HOPE61. It read, in part:

We have all had the opportunity to read and learn about the vision of HOPE61 through various publications, including the latest OMS Outreach magazine. Our missionary colleague, Aimee Howarth, also brought us details about this ministry in June 2012.

Considering the realities and issues facing Mozambique, we believe that the vision of HOPE61 is very relevant and much needed. As a field, we want to express our interest in the development of the HOPE61 vision here in Mozambique.

The African continent is faced with many of the root causes of human trafficking. Poverty, large family size, lack of educational opportunities, unemployment, low status of women and children, and a lack of awareness all help to fuel the trafficking of Africans into Europe and to other parts of the world.

HOPE61's vision:

HOPE61 seeks to PREVENT the spread of and, ultimately, eliminate the issue of trafficked and enslaved humans in our world today by bringing the message of eternal salvation to those that are involved or vulnerable to become involved in human trafficking across the world. One Mission Society sends missionaries to work with the national church denomination or other church contacts to train and equip nationals to combat this issue, through PREVENTION of it, in a culturally appropriate and relevant way with intentional evangelism of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and continuing discipleship to these groups of lost people.

The need is present and obvious, but we need people to go to Mozambique to fulfill the vision of HOPE61 there.

Is God calling YOU to GO to Mozambique to serve as an OMS missionary with HOPE61? Contact OMS for more information.

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