Off the Streets – Finally

January 14 2013

Off the Streets – Finally

Abandoned by her mom at the age of four, Sandra spent the next two years shuffled between different homes. At the young age of six, she moved permanently to the streets.

Life was difficult as years of abuse followed. As a result of the street boys using her, she gave birth to two children on streets.

Sandra lived on the streets with her two children, Samatha (6) and Adan (4). This was until they met José Luis.

José Luis led a rough life as well, ending up in prison. When Sandra and José Luis met, a love connection started. This led to the first wedding held at MEFI. MEFI is a ministry of OMS which works with the local church in Mexico City to help homeless children and young people survive this life.

MEFI worked off and on with Sandra over a 14 year period and worked with José Luis since he left prison. Because of this work, both of them are off of the streets and off of drugs, starting their new married life on the right foot.

This couple has turned from the street and their life of sin to a newly formed marriage, keeping Christ as the center of it. They have also become integral parts of their extended families lives, as they also put their faith in Jesus.

God worked in this couple’s life through MEFI and other avenues even when they were in the gutter without a hope. Would you come alongside MEFI to help see more people leave life on the streets and come to know the Lord. A gift of $25 per month would go a long way to help see this ministry continue for another year.

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