Mother - Son Connection in Haiti

February 20 2015

It seems to be that mothers and their sons have a particularly remarkable relationship. Biblically speaking, there are some great examples of the mother/son connection. Hannah prayed long and hard for a child, and the Lord blessed her with a son named Samuel. The Word says that Hannah promised to offer Samuel to the Lord so that he could serve him as long as he lived. In the New Testament, Eunice, the mother of Timothy, passed along her faith to her son. And, of course, Jesus had a distinctive and close relationship with his mother, Mary.

When I met Widline and her son Junior in Haiti, it was evident that they have a unique rapport too. Junior was timid and shy to meet me and to be interviewed, but his mom gave him the reassurance and encouragement to answer my questions to the best of his ability. Widline told me of how God provides for her family of six children, two of those being boys. Although Widline fell sick when she was a teenager and almost died, she was healed after much suffering, yet she was not able to graduate from school.

As a result of Widline’s inability to finish school, she puts a lot of value on seeing Junior complete his education. This courageous mom passes on her love for God’s Word to her son as well. Junior is a Starfish Kid, and the prompting he receives from his mom to learn about the Bible is evident as he shares with me that his favorite biblical story is when Jesus calls the little children to follow him. Junior’s life is not only being transformed at home, through the love and support of his mom, but also at school, where as a SFK, he is seeing the value of following Christ and sponsorship. He hopes to help other children some day, just as through the program he and his family are getting assistance.

Psalm 91:1 is a verse Widline put to memory. It says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” As she passes on the importance of relying on God in all things to Junior, I suspect he will indeed help others as he is able. Do you see the correlation between that mother/son relationship? That same pattern of cohesiveness can easily overflow into the connection between sponsors and their SFK child or children. With the same spirit of love, compassion, and generosity, children’s lives can be affected by God’s people passing along the transformational power of sponsorship.

By Angela Chandler, OMS Communications

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