Miraculous Intervention

November 14 2012

Miraculous Intervention

Editor’s note: OMS missionary Roger Kruse, an itinerant missionary, serving as the field leader for India and the church multiplication facilitator for the South Pacific, recently traveled to these two nations. Below is a couple testimonies he shared in reports to his prayer team.

By Roger Kruse, One Mission Society field leader for India


…Before going on to the second house church we had lunch at the home of a faith-filled lady named Sona. What a powerful faith story she shared. As a Hindu woman she suffered greatly with back pain for seven years. She went to many doctors without relief. She made expensive offerings at the temple, sacrificed a goat and sought help from the gods. But all was to no avail. Her pain grew worse until she was bedridden and began to lose hope. In her despair she tried to commit suicide. Finally, she met a Christian who encouraged her to pray to Jesus for healing. She stubbornly refused, thinking he was trying to convert her. Three more months of excruciating pain followed until finally, one day, the name of Jesus came to her lips. She then asked her husband to take his finger and make the sign of a cross on her back. Immediately, a sensation like fire drew the pain out from her body. After seven years, she was free from her suffering! Soon, she was telling her fellow villagers what had happened and bringing them to Jesus. She became a person of peace, eventually helping to sponsor a new house church in the village. She and her husband now regularly welcome 30-35 children to their home for Sunday school classes. She beams with joy and speaks confidently of God at work in her life answering prayer. She told a story of her brother-in-law who played a joke on her by calling on the phone and pretending to be a man of God from the U.S. Afterward, she felt led to pray that God would bring just such a man to her home. Today, her prayer was answered! 


Last night, we heard the faith story of Sambath. He works for the city electric company as a linesman. One day Sambath was high up on a pole making repairs. He cut a wire supposedly not hot, but suddenly, it was! The current seized his body and his hands were fixed onto the wire. He hung there, tied to the pole with his climbing belt for around 30 minutes, apparently electrocuted and without life. His coworkers were sure he was dead and reported it to the main office. However, Sambath, who at that time was beginning to learn of Christ, remembers calling on the name of Jesus for help. Immediately, a light from above pierced his heart, and he became conscious. His grip on the wire was freed and to the utter disbelief of those watching, he climbed down the pole. He was taken to the hospital and declared healthy, with only some scratches. From that day on, he has enthusiastically shared his faith story with others, radically committed to know and serve Jesus. He and his wife, Victoria, have since opened their home to friends and neighbors who come each week for worship. Another man in the group told of his young son who was bitten by a cobra while working in the rice paddy. Though hospitalized, the boy’s condition looked bleak. A Christian came, prayed, and the youngster recovered. The family embraced a new faith in Christ. Wherever we visit, we hear such stories of God at work touching lives. May the Lord’s name be praised in this great sub-continent, more and more!

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