Miracles Around the World

November 25 2014

Every Tuesday and Thursday, those of us who work at the One Mission Society World Headquarters gather together for chapel. We get to hear reports from field missionaries passing through, encouraging devotionals from local pastors, and general updates from leaders of what God is doing around the world. Today was one of those days. International Ministries director, Randy Spacht, shared two stories.

OMS began work in India in 1940 and planted the first national church in 1945. Today, there are more than 4,500 OMS-related churches in India. Recently, Randy attended the 35th biennial all-India conference and heard many stories. One impactful report came from Delhi where the team there said that they were involved in evangelism, hospital and jail ministry, showing the Jesus film, and a healing ministry. Here in the U.S., we’re leery of testimonies of healings because of the fraud we’ve seen associated with it. But around the world, it is through healing ministries that thousands are being saved. One man, Ansh, couldn’t walk or talk, and was healed when the team prayed for him. He and his whole family accepted Jesus as their Savior.

In the Caribbean, people are coming to the Lord so quickly, OMS is checking and double checking the numbers for accuracy. Recently, an OMS-trained student met a man on the train and shared the Gospel with him, and he accepted Jesus in his life. As the student stood to get off at his stop, the man said, “But what do I do now?” The student gave him his Bible and his OMS church-planting training materials and told him to read it and do what it said.

Several months had passed when the car of one of our leaders, P*, broke down. He walked to a nearby town and heard Christian worship. When he inquired where he might find a mechanic, someone pointed at the group singing and said the mechanic was the one leading them.

Afterward, when P* introduced himself and his title to the mechanic, he (the mechanic) got so excited and brought out a book to show him. It was the same church-planting training book that the OMS student had given him on the train. He had read it, did what it said … and planted a church, with 200 being baptized that very night!

Oh, how good it is to serve the Lord of the harvest! Thank you for your support of One Mission Society, making it possible for the ministry like the stories above to happen, for us to tell His stories, and for all of us to be a part of changing lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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