Stories of Global Impact: Meet Mutu

March 26 2019

Mutu Kumar, at the tender age of 10 years old, became suicidal because of his poor grades in school.

In the Indian culture, education is crucial and without it, he felt like a failure, like he was letting down his entire family.

Mutu Kumar was ripe for some good news.

He needed hope.

A Christian friend invited him to a Sunday school class.

Soon after, he heard the voice of Jesus telling him, “Give your life to me and I will give you a new life.”

That is exactly what happened. However, he kept his new faith and connection to the church a secret for one year.

After all, he was born into a Hindu family and his father was a priest!

Eventually, his father found out. He beat Mutu Kumar and locked him up in a room on Sundays.

Nevertheless, Mutu found a way out and returned to his new-found, nurturing Christian fellowship.

Later on, as he pursued his business IT studies, he made plans to go abroad and earn a good salary.

His pastor was struggling to provide for his family, and Mutu intended to help support him.

Instead, God spoke to his heart saying, “I want you, not your money!”

After several months of seeking a job, and facing many problems, he surrendered his life to serve the Lord in ministry.

Mutu Kumar launched out, doing ministry in the villages. Over time, he saw 40 Hindus give their hearts to Jesus.

God did many miracles ...

A 10-year-old girl who could not walk because of polio began to do so after prayers were offered.

A leader in the village who was a slave to alcohol was set free. The man and his whole family came to faith in Christ.

Over a period of several years, Mutu established two churches, handing one off to new leadership.

In 2016, he attended the ECI Jubilee training event and began learning OMS' Train & Multiply strategy.

He has since established 12 new house churches with the help of 3 farmers he is training.

His vision now is to train 5 leaders and establish 25 worshiping groups in 5 years.

Long range, Mutu Kumar is asking God for 125 new churches within 10 years.

It is a lofty goal that will require God’s powerful working!

Mutu's story is just one of the many stories of one person impacting many people after being equipped through the ministries of One Mission Society (OMS).

When you give to the OMS Global Impact Fund you are helping train and equip individuals like Mutu to reach their communities and beyond with the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Will you consider giving to the Global Impact Fund today?

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