Stories of Global Impact: Meet Mebra

April 25 2019

Mebra, a Ugandan woman from a remote village, attended a One Mission Society Seed Sowers and community health evangelism training in Kampala last month.

As a single mother of five, Mebra had experienced many rejections in her life before coming to Christ. Even Mebra's family had rejected her when she decided to follow Jesus.

During our time with the women, our prayer coordinator discovered that many of the participants had been harassed by spirits—demons who force themselves on the women, usually during the night. They asked for help.

Thankfully, our prayer leader had experience dealing with spiritual warfare challenges, so she guided the women through a process of confessing and renouncing their sin. How amazing to hear the corporate confession of sin!

About five minutes later, Mebra began to have serious breathing problems, like a severe asthma attack. After about 30 minutes, Mebra personally confessed and renounced the strongholds of sin in her life. The demons left, and she experienced victory in Jesus!

Finally, the Every Community for Christ and Dynamic Women in Missions team prayed over Mebra’s bedroom.

The next day, Mebra described her night as “so peaceful!” Praise God for the truth in John 8:32, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

When you give to the Global Impact Fund, you are giving more people like Mebra the opportunity to experience the freedom, hope, and love that is solely found in Jesus Christ!

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