Lost Keys and Prayer

October 15 2015

One of Haiti's chief government officials had arrived at our Radio 4VEH studio to record a public interest program. Seated at the microphone, he suddenly realized he had left his notebook in the car. Worse yet, he had locked his keys inside, which was the reason for the frustration we were seeing through the studio window.

We had just finished staff devotions, led by Gaudin Charles on Luke 18:8, "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" Immediately, several of our fellows gathered around the car and tried every imaginable suggestion for retrieving the keys - but nothing worked! The crowd was multiplying because Haitians are inquisitive, and they wanted to see what was happening

Louisa Destine, our prayer warrior and woman of faith, began walking toward the reception room with her thoughts ablaze, "Why don't we put our faith to work? God can do a miracle, if we obey Him."

By this time, the irritated official was pounding on the car door and window. All at once, he stopped and blurted out, "On the radio you preach about faith in God and that he will answer your prayers. Why aren't you praying now?"

Goaded by this challenge, Louisa quickly teamed with coworkers in intercession. "God, you heard this man. We know you answer prayer. Glorify yourself; don't let us be ashamed. Make a way ... make a way, Jesus, make a way ..." she pleaded.

At that time, a young mother, Madame Manno, drove in to pick up her children at Cowman School. Louisa felt she should run over to that car as though Jesus was saying "There are the keys!"

"Madame Manno, give me your keys, Jesus said these are the keys to open this man's car!" Louisa shouted. The young mother laughed, "You can try, but they won't work in another car!"

With confidence, Louisa took the keys and ran over to the official. "We just asked God to make a way to open your car door. Use these keys. In Jesus' name, use these keys!"

The look on his face revealed his thoughts, "Are you going to make a fool of me?" Others of us stood with pounding hearts! Louisa said, "Put the key in the door, in Jesus name, put the key in the door!"

There was silence, then reluctantly the government official thrust the key in the lock … turned it … and click. The door opened!

Over the shouting of the shocked bystanders, the unmistakable voice of Louisa was heard. "Blessed be the Lord, Blessed be the name of the Lord. Benit soit l'Eternel."

Dumbfounded, the official added his proclamation, "Your God is alive, your God is alive, I, too, believe, I, too, believe!"

Recording the program was forgotten as the official got into his car and drove away. But, he, along with those who saw it, will never forget that prayer was the key, and faith unlocked the door that day!

By Valeene Hayes, Longtime OMS Missionary

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