Longing for God

January 13 2014

Longing for God

O Anseio is the title of a book OMS missionaries, Mel and Fran Noah, hand out to the people in cemeteries on the Day of the Dead in Brazil. Out of love for mankind, they hand out a book to the people there to pray for their loved ones, who had already passed on. Mel and Fran wrote that “O Anseio” translates as “The Longing.” The book compares the longing each person has for God with the newborn sea turtles seeking the ocean. 

When I consider the spiritual application, I believe humans have a natural longing for God, but it seems logic or reason may prevent us from utilizing our instincts to find the Light of the world. Because we have the ability to think and utilize reasoning skills, choosing to move toward Him indicates we have made a conscious decision to follow our natural longing to be with Him. 

For the people who have already passed away, there is not another opportunity to make the decision to make peace with God by believing that Jesus is the Savior and the Way to God. Mel and Fran serve in Brazil to help Brazilians find the Way to the Light of the world, Jesus. Just like sea turtles are drawn to the ocean, they were drawn first to God, and then followed a longing to tell others about Jesus.

The world just celebrated Christmas and one of the most beloved carols is really a call to missions: “Joy to the world…let every heart prepare him room.” Our mission, as Christians, is to go and tell others “the glories of his righteousness and wonders of his love” so that people might be drawn to believe in God and accept Jesus as Savior. This is what the ministries of One Mission Society do every day, not just at Christmastime. The missionaries serving with OMS have felt a longing to tell others about Jesus and have taken proactive steps to go and tell. Some serve overseas, and some serve at home. 

What about you? Do you have a longing to share the Truth with others when you read our blog or hear the stories on the radio? We need help in reaching the nations. Do you have a longing to go and share your faith by becoming a missionary?

―Beth Jordal, OMS Missionary serving in Communications

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