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May 28 2015

Continued Prayer Needed

Just a little over a month since the devastating earthquake struck Nepal, homes and lives are still in ruins.

Because it is no longer in the news or shared through the media, we can be innocently fooled into thinking that the problem is better. It is not! The people of Nepal are still frightened, devastated, and without hope.

An estimated 2.8 million people are homeless. When we asked our ministry partners where these people were staying, they said ... "Under the stars."

With that in mind, our team has made two conscientious decisions:

1. We will serve the most remote areas where other ministries are not. This region, close to the China border, is very mountainous and hard to reach. Almost 100 percent of the people in this region lost their homes.

2. We have set plans in motion to begin providing housing to the people in this region. In less than three weeks, the monsoon season will be upon them. We need to quickly purchase materials to begin constructing quonset housing (see photos).

The tin material, being shipped from India and purchased in Nepal is reasonably priced, but it is quite expensive to transport the items to these remote, mountainous regions. Total cost per house, which should last between 10-15 years, is about $500. The structure is made of tin roofing, metals poles, and plastic on each end.

If the situation in Nepal is tugging at your heart ... or God is tugging it, please respond by giving generously today. You can give safely and easily online. Or you can send your gift to:

One Mission Society

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Acct. #408117 - Nepal Earthquake Response

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